Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - PeraMakan

This morning when we were bringing our 2 sons over to my in-laws, i felt something like menstrual cramps. I couldn't be sure whether what I felt was contractions at all...since over the last 4 weeks, sometimes i do get these cramps whenever i have a long walk.

But we still continued our journey and brought our sons over, did a photoshoot and decided that we should have a good meal in the event that i should really pop anytime.

hubs have been wanting to eat some good peranakan food for some time now. Initially we wanted to head over to Heng Mui Keng for some Peranakan Buffet but decided to head over to Vivocity instead. On the way there, i found this PeraMakan Restaurant at keppel club which was on the way.  i decided that we should try something new since the one located at Vivocity is something which we have tried before.
 Keropok and achar $6
 whilst waiting for our food. couple wefie!
We ordred Ayam Buah Keluak, Beef Rendang, Chap Chye and a bowl of soup.
Although we over ordered as we were literally trying to finish all the food up, but it was really delicious that we just forced fed ourselves!!!

The ayam Buah keluak was so thick, gravy was generous. Each serving comes with 2 shells. If you want extra, it's $3 per shell. The beef rendang was so tender and melts in your mouth. The chap chye has a very wholesome and rich taste almost like a thick broth or stew.
The dishes came but the rice didn't...hahaha...hubs is waiting impatiently for his rice to be served so that we can start eating!!!

 Finally the rice has arrived in a red and black basket where a waitress will serve you your rice.
 The bowl of soup which we shared. luckily we shared one bowl. I don't think we can finished if we had ordered 2.
even though i was bursting...i just couldn't resist some dessert!!! I ordered the sago pudding with gula melaka and coconut milk. It was very refreshing and something which i have not eaten before. I really wanted to try the chendol but i guess it will have to wait till my next visit. And I'm sure I will be back again because i really love their chilli!!

awesome lunch.

will bring my daddy and mummy here to let them try. thumbs up!

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