Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Fun Day at the National Gallery

 me and james having fun in the car.

Before we head onto the National Gallery, we had breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery located in the basement floor of Raffles City. The Almond croissant was really good! and so was their aromatic coffee.

 James is very happy too!

We walked through the underpass and came out next to St Andrew's Cathedral and continued our way to the National Gallery. On the way there, there were many Myanmar domestic helpers picnicing along the pedestrian footpath.

Right at the entrance of the National Gallery, there's this very colourful installation for children to play with. Just this alone was good enough to keep my boys occupied for at least half an hour! And we haven't even gone into the children's section yet.

At the playground, which was relatively small. A slide that children have to climb up and steps to go down. Kinda weird right? But the watercolour illustrations on the wall mural were fantastic! it was really beautiful.

Next there was a little room with touch screen where children can colour their animals and load it online onto the projected screen which fills the entire wall of the room. And the animals are walking and galloping in the forest. It's quite interactive and fun for many children to see their art pieces coming to life on the screen.
 My sons colouring their animals before loading them up online.

Then there was another room, all about tessellations. They also have colouring pages for children to colour on the spot. Or you can take home to colour too.

 See. That's James colouring his colouring page which is just made of triangles.

 The last room which we visit had a Make your own time capsule workshop going on.

 And to cap off our tour of the National Gallery, there was a quintet playing National Day songs.

James - 2 Years and counting

My 2 boys - Growing up together.

Jules: 4 years 3 months
James: 2 years 6 months

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday Afternoon at Gardens By The Bay

It's been a long time since we last visited Gardens by the Bay and I think it might be James' virgin visit!!! I'm not sure but i really think so. Anyway we are all decked in stripes because both my boys enjoying wearing same outfits for the entire family. To them it's a novelty thingy.

Plus i heard there are some pokemons to be caught at the Gardens.
 Jules on his scooter. He's super excited.
 James on the other hand, looks abit worried and pensive.
After awhile they were so tired from scooting that they just sat on their scooters and drag their feet along. Quite a clever idea.

 this is a photo bomb!!! Jules came into the picture when i was trying to take a shot of just me and hubs together. He thinks it's really funny to pull a stunt like this. I think he learns all his naughty things from school.
 Finally we managed to take a picture. Just the two of us.

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