Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jules & James - Party House at D'Leedon Condominium

This afternoon I'm planning to bring the 2 boys to one of my friend's place at D'Leedon. So whilst I'm air-frying my mid wings and cuttlefish balls, the boys are watching telly and eating their fish sticks.

Had to air-fry my mid wings in 2 batches and same goes for the cuttlefish balls because the 1st batch was eaten up by my 2 boys and hubs.

 above: Potluck!

my 2 boys had "MAMEE" and they were ready to jump into the pool

ok. i was the only one in the swimming pool with all the boys, the rest of my gal pals didn't want to come down, so will update the swimming pool photos another time when I get to download my whatsapp photos....
 above: Jules after his swim...drinking his water. it was a hot afternoon.

 above: A row of Townhouses leading to the Party houses.

Above: after the pool party, we brought the boys to the playground and they enjoyed the little slide very much! As the development was huge with sprawling grounds, hosting to some 1700 residential units, the entire area were scattered with pockets of lush landscape, mini playgrounds, swimming pools, wading pools, lap pools and even amphitheater areas like the one below with spinning top chairs for children to play!

 above: uber cool signage. slanted. Just like the building itself.
D'Leedon also has many amenities besides Party Houses, pools and playgrounds. I saw karaoke rooms, mini mart, a cafe, a nail bar and function room next to a swimming pool. Plus there were BBQ pits near playgrounds too.

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