Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jules & James - Prive Cafe

Here's a new place which we have been wanting to bring the kids to! We have dropped by here a few times and realised that many families bring their little ones here to enjoy the outdoor cafe,  playground and to see all the different yachts.

Prive cafe has a children's menu where there's a main, dessert and drink. And they too have an activity sheet like Marche to keep the children occupied. On weekends,  it gets really crowded.

The playground is just about the right size for James who is 2 years old. But for Jules who is 4 now, complains that the playground is for babies and refused to play with his brother.

However he finds joy at a nearby swing, swinging and playing his pokemon go.
above: small playground which Jules complain that it's for babies

above: activity sheet to keep jules occupied while waiting for his food to arrive.

i had the pancakes with caramelised bananas and maple syrup. The pancakes are not fluffy and too dense for my liking.
Above: this is the kids meal where Jules had scrambled eggs, cheese & ham with toast. For drinks he had a cranberry juice and for dessert, he had the brown with ice cream.

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