Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jules and James - in the mood for painting

Doctors has given Jules 5 days of MC for his flu, fever and cough. Despite being sick, he still has a cheery disposition. 

Love him to bits.
Fight on the flu bug darling and don't let it get to you!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Housewarming Party!

Jules - DIY colour clock project

This June holidays, we were tasked to teach our children on colours. So I googled and found this really cool project to do with your kids. basically it teaches you about the primary colours and how mixing the primary colours u get secondary colours and mixing secondary colours with primary colours, u get tertiary colours!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Jules - Pizza making at TOTTs

Jules school field trip this semester was to TOTTs and it was pizza making!! he was really proud to bring home a pizza box with his hand made pizza. Hubs picked him from school and he specifically told hubs to wait for mummy to come home so that he can show it to me and then we can all it together....

one for jules, one of james, one for daddy and one for mummy.

the remaining 2 slices he ate it in the car because he was so hungry. lol

cutie pie!!!
 pizza box with his name on it

james the little brother was so excited to open up the box! it didn't matter that the insides didn't reveal a full pizza.
4 slices left for the four of us.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Babymoon #3 - Bangkok Day 5

Good Morning Day 5 in Bangkok!!

Today our plan was to have breakfast at this place called Roast Coffee & eatery, guess I didn't do my homework enough and they have moved out from seenspace 13 Thong Lor to The Commons. Sigh...since we are here, we decided to give HONEY a try.
Getting there: it's a long walk from the train station, so we took a cab from Pratunam area. Cab fare was 80baht.

hubs is still suffering from comfort food so he ordered italian Meatballs!!! while i had the Hungry Boy Breakfast which was quite sumptous. Eggs scrambled, it came with mushrooms, sausages, thick slices of pork, bed of lettuce and 2 slices of bread. We shared a nice iced chocolate but it wasn't thick enough.
After breakfast. we walked to Thong Lor MRT station and stopped at Siam station. Back to the city, we visited highly acclaimed Mr Jones Orphanage for their dessert. We ordered the chocolate Rocky Mud Pie and strawberry soda. 

i have no raving reviews on their chocolate rocky mud pie and my next visit to BKK, I don't think I will visit here for their desserts unless necessary.

frozen iced strawberry in our strawberry soda which was soggy once we finished our drink.
Photo of the Chocolate Rocky mud pie

Back to our hotel for swim!!! waters soo cold and after awhile, it started to drizzle so we head back to our rooms to freshen up and continue our shopping indoors at Platinum Fashion Mall!

Dinner at Somboon Seafood where we ordered Fried Garoupa with Basil, Steam prawns with Garlic, stew pork ribs and Tom Yum Goong. Total bill came up to 1534baht.

Huge Fried Garoupa in front of hubs. I really like this one alot!

Stew Pork ribs although a recommended dish on their menu is nothing to shout about.
Seafood Tom Yum faired a bit better, lots of straw mushrooms and prawns. Taste wise spicy and sour.

Steam River Prawns with Garlic was the best! The sauce scores a hit with us.

The aftermath.

good night! 
Bangkok I will be back!!!
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