Friday, July 8, 2016

Babymoon #3 - Bangkok Day 3

Good Morning Bangkok!!!
7am: Rise and shine and about 8am, we reached Pratunam Morning Market again! hahaha.
what better way to start an early day is hearty breakfast!!! We found this little lane behind the Pratunam Wholesale market where there were many locals dining here and a bunch of singaporeans!
I had a bowl of porridge (20baht) which reminded me back home, so I felt very good!!! Hubs had a plate of fried pork chop rice (40baht). And we washed it all down with thai ice coffee (20baht).

after breakfast, it's time to shop! Waste no time!!! the 2 most pleasurable things to do in BKK is shop and eat. opps...i forgot one of singaporeans favourite nite hobby is massage!!! And after shopping, we went back to the hotel to rest for awhile before we went out for lunch and this time, i changed into my new off shoulder top!!! WEE!

it's quite loose fitting that nobody can tell that I'm 4months preggy... :P
 sweet white crochet top 100baht
spaghetti strap tops 100baht each
spaghetti strap tops with padding 100baht each

Lunch was at Som Tam.
We ordered a basket of fried chicken wings (115baht), Northen spicy soup with pork bone (120baht) and grilled pork shoulder (115baht). We were quite lucky as we reached there about 12noon and there was no queue at all, there are some people already seating in the restaurant having their lunch. After about 15mins, the crowd started to come in and there was a crowd huddling outside the restaurant in the hot weather, waiting to get a seat inside.

 Fried chicken in a basket

 Grilled Pork Shoulder

 after lunch, sweet dessert to top of a meal!  - hello Kitty House
IMHO once is enough. Just to look see look see, take pictures, been there done that sort of thing and there's no need to come back for more.

 hubs is bored to death here...

Dinner at this place call Huaplachongnonsea at Central World which I don't really recommend. I think the thai cuisine is average and nothing to shout out. We tried the Hot pot Tom Yum, curry crab, Stir fried morning glory and a bottle of cola. Total bill came up to 900 baht.

The queue back home for baked cheese tarts is about 2 hours long and i'm seriously not that crazy enough to wait. So what better place to try is here!! I only have to wait approx 5mins and i get my baked cheese tart. the same recipe, the same franchise, difference is just geography man. Seriously i was too full to even take a bite, so we brought it back to the hotel.

we went for evening refreshments at the premier lounge where they served canapes, free flow of beverages and cocktails.

 hubs working whenever he finds a seat...
 Frocks for princess. ranges from 100 baht to 200baht each
 baby socks from H&M. 179baht for 2 pairs
 matching tees for Jules and James. Lately the 2 brothers love to wear identical tee shirts.
I bought this ethic suit for Jules because Racial Harmony day is approaching and frankly speaking, if it's not because of this, I would not have gotten my son a traditional costume. sigh. The life of a working parent.
I also bought this really cute aztec tee for Jules plus matching marbling shorts for him. Hope he likes it!
Went down for pratunam night market, largely can be found outside Palladium Mall, the rest are scattered along the streets. We went down to Big C supermarket to buy more snacks like shrimp chips, thai ice milk tea satchets and Kao Kae Peanuts.

Finally we chose a foot massage parlour and spent a good solid one hour. 
Foot Massage 1 hour at 200baht per pax.

good night!

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