Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jules #279 - Fisher Price Jumperoo

All Smiles
we rented the Rainforest theme Fisher Price Jumperoo for a month for $40 SGD as we didn't know whether will he like the Jumperoo or not.
Turns out that the little fella loves it to bits!!! and couldn't stop jumping.

Jules #278 - In Pajamas

sometimes he gets a little excited before bedtime and refuses to sleep.

Jules #277 - 10 days away from 6 months old

Monday, October 29, 2012

Jules #276 - In another Pajamas

Here's Jules in his sleepsuit which his Godma has bought from him. It's a ship print and it's from Marks & Spencer.

he looks so small on our bed.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jules #271 - Lamaze Octopus

 This Lamaze Octopus has been keeping my son company every night and watching him sleep.

Jules #275 - Smiling!

Cuz says Jules looks like a mini Buddha in this photo!

Jules #273 - Roca Wear Baby Romper

Love this romper because it matches his shoes! Makes Jules looks very sporty and all ready for a baseball game!

Jules #273 - Crawling on the bed

Jules #272 - In PJs and having a flapping good time

Jules #271 - Hates Baby Cereals

Jules #270 - Looking at Daddy

 Jules sitting here happily in the kitchen watching us doing our own stuff.
 occasionally he makes a funny face.
 then hubs makes a funny face at Jules...and Jules looks up.
 Jules: Not paying attention to hubs and both of them looks out towards the yard.
 Jules looking at hubs. Hubs is arranging my plant fertiliser.

 Jules going hmm...
 Jules: It's getting a bit boring sitting in my bumbo.
starts twiddling his toes.
starts scratching his feet.
starts pursing his lips.
starts banging his palms on the seat.

 Jules: Frowning...is anybody going to pay any attention to me??!!

Jules: Maybe I'll make a BOO face and try to scare daddy and mummy...see if this will catch their attention.
 Jules: opps.. i have an itchy ear...better scratch first...
 Jules: HMPH...this is so not going my way...
 Jules: sticking out his tongue.

 Jules: Dear God...looks towards the sky.

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