Friday, January 31, 2014

Lunar New Year Day 01

Hi there!
Jules is wearing a Guess Jeans white shirt which we bought from Hongkong Citygate outlet mall. And his Ralph Lauren shorts are also from Hongkong Citygate outlet mall too! It's such a great bargain that we couldn't resist and bought it, stored it and now it's time to wear them.

 Here's a close up on his shirt and his shorts!

 After his shower, both hubs and I took turns to give him his angbow.

 And he happily accepts it without saying "thank you". Ungrateful little boy!!!
Although i think he is more interested in the colourful prints rather than the contents.

 hubs giving angbow to Jules
 my turn now to give Jules his angbow.
 And hubs' Outfit of the Day!!!
 Looks pretty decent and boring on the front, wait till you see the back! WHOA, like ang kong!

 And that's my outfit of the day for Lunar New Year Day 01!!
 Today, we are just making one visit and that is over to hubs' grandmother's side. 
Jules is all smiles in his bowtie(made by me!) and white shirt. You know why...he's terribly happy with his new waterbottle that has Thomas the train on it.

Lastly, a selfie of me and hubs.
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!!!
Gong Xi Gong Xi.

Pregnancy #2 - 1st Selfie of 2014

36 weeks preggy and my 1st attempt at red lipstick!
Huat ah!!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pregnancy #2 - 36 weeks!

Jules: Let's all do the tummy bend!

Jules: I pray that I will strike TOTO!

Lunar New Year Eve Reunion Lunch

this is how usually Jules start his day in the car seat...zzzz, after about half an hour's ride, we reach my in-laws place for our reunion lunch.

While my mum-in-law is busy preparing our lunch in the kitchen, Jules went to get his motor bike out to play! It's a second hand motor bike from one of his cousins.
He still hasn't really gotten a hang of it yet with the accelerator, but at least he knows how to turn on the engine now and flick the lights!

 And it's time for Lou Hei!!!!

Peng Cai (it's a traditional dish in China and Hongkong where you find lots of goodies in layers - abalone, mushrooms, fish maw, scallops etc). My MIL bought this from Hock Hua Medicinal Hall and won $888 in vouchers! So lucky yah!
 For lunch, we are having the Peng Cai, Steam pomfret and steamboat!
 After lunch, Jules went back to his push bike, another second hand me down from his cousin.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jules - Trying on shoes from H&M kids

after trying on 3 pairs of different shoes from H&M kids department, his dad concluded that high cut sport shoes are not suitable for his feet. So Jules ended up sleeping on my helper's shoulder and hubs bought 2 pairs of really cheap shoes from COTTON ON kids instead without Jules' opinion whether does he like it or not.

so much for democracy!

Jules@Toa Payoh

We are all here at Toa Payoh, having lunch before going up to check on one of our renos. Jules is having his porridge while hubs is waiting for his roasted pork noodles.

 Jules trying to poke my camera lens!

naughty little fella!
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