Sunday, January 24, 2016

James brushing teeth

Cheeky jules at Cotton On

Me and james

James is turning 2 soon!!!

He's beginning to speak longer sentences now and he brushes his teeth on his own, tries to shower himself and is super helpful. ;)


The boys love taking polaroids because they can see their photos immediately as they wait in anticipation for the image to appear from a blank film. And they enjoy shaking the polaroids for their images to appear.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Jules helping Hubs to remove our cupboard shelves

dismantling ikea cupboards - you definitely need an automated screwdriver to make things fast!
 soon hubs successfully removed all the cupboard planks, doors and glass shelves.
the boys are so tired from all the move that they just lie on the cool floor tile and suck their thumbs...sigh

James helping to move our sofa!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jules & James - Cupcakes from a birthday party

These cupcakes are soo cute! Has a tiger and a hippo face on top. Kids nowadays are so pampered and lucky. Parents are buying all the pretty birthday cakes, cupcakes, decorations for their children's parties. Back in my days, when we have friends or relatives and a big birthday cake, WOW. That was a celebration itself!

 this is a cheeky look from Jules

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Family dinner at Tunglok Xihe Peking Duck

Running out of ideas for places to eat. Decided to head out to The Grandstand as there are children friendly cafes and eateries. However on the way there, Jules fell asleep in the car! So hubs thought...'hey so I don't have to eat cafe food!!' And because both of us have 'Chinese' mouths, we ended ourselves in a Chinese restaurant and had the yummiest mouth watering Peking duck.

The flesh was tender and the fats was so sinful. We had Mrs Chang meatball and prime beef cheek in peppercorn sauce. We ordered spinach with 3 eggs in superior soup which was so-so. And we washed all down by a big metal pot of chrysanthemum tea. No sugar of course.


James - Almost coming to 2 years, learning how to scoot

James who has just received a new scooter from his grandparents for his xmas present is trying out for the first time!

His brother Jules passes him by... zooom!

James and his bunny

Bought a soft toy bunny from Jellycats for James for his Christmas present. He loves it to bits! It's very soft and cuddly.

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