Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas 2014!

Dinner started at 730 and we did all the cooking ourselves. Took leave just to prepare dinner. Bought all the seafood from sheng siong in the morning and did my lobster cioppino according to one recipe and crossed fingers that it will turn out splendid for my 1st attempt.

Hubs did the rest of the cooking - for starters was seared scallop on bed of rocket salad and main was beef steak with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Everyone had a glass of red from hubs' gala dinner door gift.

 Jules had a new bike and clothes from his grandparents.
James had a brand new car and clothes from his grandparents too.

We bought sophie for James and 2 bags of bath buddies for him to play. For Jules we bought him a puzzle and 2 sets of PJs. He loved Thomas the train PJ the most. As for superman print PJs, he gave a surprised look and claimed that it was for James. He didn't want it.

For daddy, we bought him a really slim umbrella which he liked it alot! Now that he takes the public transport, an umbrella is super useful for commuters like him.

For mummy, we bought her collagen!! hahaha..
 My colleague Suleen bought playdoh for Jules and a jiggly bear for James!
 My parents bought us Nespresso capsules and hubs got me my kitchenAid.

 my mum brought dessert - a gingerbread house

Jules' tired look from all the jumping up and down from opening presents.

Christmas table setting

a set of fork, spoon and knife for children to use from one of our clients! Take along utensils, so cute and stackable. I decided that it was time to use it for the festive occasion!
here's how it looks! and I gave Jules a blue bowl, car motif plate and a polka dot base plate this christmas.
For the adults, I set my heart on the blue porcelain flower motif plate from IKEA. Was very fortunate to get it at a very good price from the AS-IS section!

Jules - Funny Faces while poo-ing

Jules - 2 years and 7 months (31 months) making funny faces

 hubs tell jules to give him a smiley look
 naughty look
 angry look
 happy look
 sad look
confused look?!?
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