Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Day at the Public Library

National Library Board is doing such a great job at all the new neighbourhood libraries! Firstly the interior looks awesome and inviting. Colourful seats and sizes for children, thousand and one story books. Really interesting bookshelves, study nooks and bean bags. Even the carpet looks clean enough that my children don't mind rolling around!
above: Happy James, but do you notice the low bookshelves, curvy carpet and circular light shades above?

 Jules and James lying, sitting on the carpet as if they were on a picnic.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

At Home | Cooking up a storm

Recently Jules went to a Japanese restaurant and kicked up a big fuss because James drank up all the miso soup. We had no choice but to order another bowl for Jules. So weekend came and I decided to make one big pot of Miso soup for the kids. It turned out pretty well!

Before I added water, in a pot, I stir fried some anchovies. Next I added water till the pot was half filled. When it started to boil, I added in the crabstick, tofu, shitake mushrooms. When the food was cooked, I added the seaweed last and let it boil a little more at medium heat.

The miso paste was added in last.
 on top of the miso soup, i prepared some otah, stir fried broccoli and hubs air-fried miso salmon

 Godma came to visit. She read a book to James.

 and Godma bought many cream puffs from Chateraise.
Godma decides to stay for dinner, so I cooked crabmeat omelette, hubs did stir fry beef slices with ginger. I air-fried some Orh Hiong, stir fry spinach leaves with scallops and meatball and everyone had a big bowl of lotus root soup.

March Holidays to Penang!


We were in Penang Malaysia for the School Holidays, mainly to attend a colleague's wedding but since it has been such a long time since I last visited Penang, we decided to bring the whole family for some quick getaway. 

The weather was scorching hot but it made poolside activities all the more enjoyable! I'm now tidying up all the photos and will backpost our short but awesome trip.

stay tuned.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

5D4N March Holidays to Penang! - Day 4 (Off to the Wedding)

The road trip from Hard Rock Hotel to Van Gohh Eminent Hotel was very very long. It took about 2 hours or more? There was a major traffic jam in the city area near George town. But the time we got out of the jam, the kids were very restless in the car.

Fortunately, checking in was a breeze! The hotel rooms looks pretty new. I heard they just renovated last year, or rather opened last year. But this hotel was situated in a really odd place, smacked in the middle of a residential precinct. The closest mall was Aeon Mall but we had to get a Grab to bring us there.

 At Aeon Mall where the kids had KFC for lunch.
 KFC Malaysia serves Sweet Mustard sauce for nuggets! How interesting.

 Bought bubble tea for myself... I'm always in search for a good cup of bubble tea!
 snacks for the kids while they stay in the hotel room
4 of us who made it to the wedding! There were others whom we weren't too close with for photo taking....hahaha. Coincidentally, all of us were dressed in shades of blue!
 The bride! Her rainbow bouquet of dried flowers were done by one of our colleague!

Hubs and the kids were lazing in the hotel room while I was attending the wedding. Above picture was hubs sent to me as an update! hahah...

 First march in, the bride in an emerald green gown, looking very regal indeed.
For the 2nd march in, although it was rather weird for the groom to walk in silently on his own, but everyone was focused on the bride who came in herself with a mic in her hand and started to sing a song for the groom. It seemed to me that this wedding is very much a platform for the bride to steal all the limelight and the groom looked more like a prop! ...can't believe I'm saying this but I actually felt quite bad for the groom even though the bride is my colleague. Well, as long as no one is complaining....and I'm getting my glass of wine refilled....ssssh.
 scroll down to see what we had for the chinese dinner...

As per norm, chinese weddings do end very late... so here's a photo of my kids when I finally made it back to the hotel room. They were all zzz.

And it was the re-launch of the hotel's opening...and there was fireworks at twelve midnight. How peculiar. But I suppose it's easy to have fireworks in Malaysia as compared to Singapore yah?

And that's the finale to our Penang trip in Malaysia. Too hot to truly enjoy Penang for what she really is and too short a trip to be relaxed. Hopefully we can come back another time when the weather is more palatable and probably on a longer time since there's so much good food here in Penang to be explored!

so folks, avoid Penang during March cos it's too hot.


Friday, March 22, 2019

March Holidays to Penang! - Hard Rock Hotel Swimming Pool

 It's our last day here at Hard Rock Hotel Penang...and it's been a really scorching sunny afternoon.

I brought many different sunblock lotions for the kids from spray to liquid form and even for babies. So they came in pretty useful, just a reminder to all mums out there, to remember to re-apply again cos after so much wet fun out there, the lotions starts to come off. At the end of our trip to Penang, regardless of the reapplication, the boys and girl had a tanned but luckily not a sunburn!

rites. Will try tonight to edit some photos of our sightseeing adventure in Penang.
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