Sunday, March 18, 2018

March Holidays - Bangkok Day 6 (Travelling with kids)

above: boys waiting at bangkok airport. our flight has been delayed for 1 and half hours!

here's my 5 days easy and relax Bangkok itinerary in a glance:
Day 1
Flew into BKK in the evening
Asiatique Night Market

Day 2
Lunch at Siam Square
After You Dessert and Dinner

Day 3
Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World
Platinum Fashion Mall

Day 4
Dinner at Somboon Seafood

Day 5
Lunch at The Commons

Day 6
Goodbye BKK!

March Holidays - Bangkok Day 5 (Travelling with kids)

After breakfast, time for shopping again! Well today is gonna be a rest and relax day for all of us.
Went back to Platinum mall for last minute shopping as we are leaving BKK tomorrow morning. I finally persuaded myself to buy some more dresses for Jade.

I bought some iron-ons and pins for the boys. Really cute stuff.
Tees for Jade (2 for 150 baht), went back to my "favourite" shop and the auntie immediately recognised me and gave me "wholesale" price. And i bought 3 singlets for gym wear....not that I go to a gym, but i reckon I might need some of these sort of clothings when I bring the boys to the beach or something.
Lunch was at the Roast located at the COMMONs. If you are thinking of taking the BTS train, let me warn you that it is going to be a really long walk!! we walked for almost 20 minutes in the hot sun and reached the place. Best to just take a tuk tuk or cab.

The service here is quite good. Staff are very friendly. After ordering our food, our drinks came first with a basket of warm bread and butter.
I ordered the espresso where the ice cubes were made with espresso and it came with a bottle of milk. Really good stuff. Next came my eggs benedict...yes i really love them and I probably could eat it everyday if it doesn't give me cholesterol!
Next up, came the pasta which was really delicious! The boys devoured it. Hubs ordered something quite fancy that came in a frying pan. He liked it just as much as the boys loved their pasta.
 It was a great meal at Roast. I definitely would come back if it was nearer to an MRT.

 taking some wefies here....
back at the hotel, I promised the boys that we will bring them go swimming and they were overjoyed. It was a late afternoon and the warm sun was setting. The pool was not too cold and the boys had a great time splashing and kicking.

Back to the hotel when the sun was setting, we bought hamburgers from Mcdonalds and pizza for the boys to eat and watch telly. Last night here in BKK, so we let the boys enjoy themselves a bit more.
 hubs and I went for a quiet dinner on our own at Kalpapruek which served Thai Cuisine.

And after dinner I bought 2 cheese tarts to bring back for the boys...but they weren't interested ....but I still think the cheese tart tasted awesome. Plus there wasn't any queue at all when i bought I was really happy!

ritey ho.
i guess i can safely say that i will be back because of the food, shopping and culture!

we love bangkok and wait for me! we will be back!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

March Holidays - Bangkok Day 4 (Travelling with kids)

 above: my eggs Benedict breakfast where I ordered from the egg station, add my own salad, cherry tomatoes, fried wanton! Bacon and 1 sausage on the side. Looks gourmet yah?

It's Saturday today in Bangkok!
and we are visiting Chatuchak weekend market with the boys.

the easiest way to Chatuchak market is by the BTS train because traffic can be a killer in bangkok. Plus i've already made up my mind that I will go there by train empty handed and after my shopping at Chatuchak, I shall take a cab back. hahah!
First stall that caught my eye was a stall that sold handmade crochet bags and hats! I saw this really cute strawberry bag which I had to buy for Jade. The lady didn't let me bargain and sold me for 200 baht. I thought to myself that maybe I might find another similar stall at a cheaper price? I walked a few stalls down and hubs told me to just buy it. With 2 boys lugging along, he said the chances that we can find back this stall is like next to zero. Okay, point taken. I walked back to the stall and bought it.

And everyone must try Coco JJ coconut ice cream. It is a really cool treat on a hot afternoon.  And every scoop of ice-cream, you get a small plastic cup of coconut water! The coconut water is delish!!! and very sweet.

Really cool air-plants and so cheap some more....
Next on my list is Tiffin Carriers!!! I bought a 3 tier, a 4 tier and 1 small cup for 600 baht.
This stall is located at Section 2, Soi 39/1. On my way to find the tiffin stall, i bought a string of small pompoms for 29 baht and put it on my bag.
And we took another break again. This time round for mango sticky rice! 50 baht only. It was really good and I could it another 2 more but I'm on a diet!!!

next I tried coconut pancakes. 5 for 30 baht...we all didn't like it. It was too sweet!!! 
So we ate 1 and threw the rest into the bin. Sorry!
Next I found a rattan bag shop and bought 1 bag with pompoms for Jade.

above: the things i bought from Chatuchak market in the morning!
Tops and bags for Jade, banana print tees (50 baht each) for the boys, Aztec print coin pouches (10 baht each) for the boys to put their kidzo money, printed tops for my mummy (3 for 300 baht), earrings (3 pairs for 50baht) for myself, wood coasters (150 baht for 4)
The boys were so tired from all that walking at Chatuchak market, so we took a cab back, showered them and let them watched some tv....and just hubs and I went down to Platinum mall for more shopping! I bought myself a laundry bag for 200 baht!
Dinner was at Somboon Seafood. We ordered fried fish, curry crab, calamari, oyster omelette, garlic prawns and stir fried morning glory. The fried fish was very crispy and it was drizzled with sweet sauce. The boys loved it. The calamari with sauce wasn't that great cos the calamari batter was not fluffy and the squid was too hard.

morning glory was so-so. The garlic prawns was yummy and the best was the chilli crab and oyster omelette!

after dinner, I made Hubs and the boys walked all the way to Siam center to eat Thai Milk Tea crepe cake at Audrey Cafe. I ordered a slice of milo crepe cake and a rainbow coloured drink for the boys.

look! i went earring shopping crazy and bought 11 pairs for the entire trip.
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