Sunday, December 11, 2022

5D4N Royal Caribbean | Penang Phuket | Day 4

Day 4. Making our way back to Singapore. Breakfast at Windjammer.

After breakfast, the kids wanted to visit the indoor playground. It was a small area and suitable for children under 6. Jules and James both felt too big for the little area and wanted to leave. However Jade (6yo), Clarus (7yo) and Julius (5yo) all wanted to stay and play!!!

Fortunately my BIL volunteered to babysit them and so Hubs and I brought the boys out to iFLY. My parents went round walking the cruise and my SIL wanted to go back to her room to wash her hair.
Boys all changed for their flying experience. But before they go and fly, they have to watch a safety video and demonstration.

4pm: We went to watch a magic show. Not bad.
some arcade games and then we went back to our rooms to rest and found a hanging monkey!

final rounds at the bumper car...the kids' favourite activity here on Royal Caribbean.
There were some Santa Elves moving around the ship but they didn't give out any candies...
Hubs say Jade is a F1 driver!
After bumper car, we went to the bar for some drinks and card game, but hubs became an overnight magician and wowed the kids with his tricks.

Above: Home and look at the amount of snacks we bought in Phuket!

Saturday, December 10, 2022

5D4N Royal Caribbean | Penang Phuket | Day 3

Everyday we will find a lovely towel folding art on our bed! Today is an elephant!

Jade and myself all dressed up for dinner! Was looking forward to dining at Wonderland but unfortunately we were not able to make any reservations. So tonight we are having Teppanyaki. 

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