Sunday, March 11, 2018

Valentine's Day cards

one card for Jules' girlfriend and the other for his godma.
Little Boy and Paper hearts folded by Jules.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Jade // Watercolour Chinese Painting Cheongsam

 another baby girl cheongsam i bought online for Baby Jade...albeit long but so cute!

Reunion Dinner at my parents' place

Lunar New Year in Singapore is never complete without Lou Hei - a tradition that involves everyone at the table to participate and say auspicious chinese sayings to usher in the new year.
 This year, my mum went to Imperial Treasure to tabao a Lou Hei back for us to toss! was a bit dry after the tossing but my mum says it's healthy without the oil. The Lou Hei usually comes with oil but this one only has Yuzu sauce.

 above: my dad forcing a smile on James' face.
 owen our 16 year old Jack Russell is in the background.
it's a feast here!! my mum made curry chicken, stir fried tiger prawns, chap chye and pre-cooked steamboat. YUMS!!!

Reunion Lunch at my in-laws

For Lunar New Years, I usually will have a reunion lunch at my in-laws and reunion dinner at my parents' place. This year is no exception. So after my work, hubs drove the whole family down to his parents' place for lunch.

While waiting for my brother-in-law to arrive and MIL is busy preparing the steamboat, I had a wefie with my 2 cuties!!!

 and i had a wefie with Jade too, who is very reluctant in this picture

YAY! my BIL and SIL have arrived. 

James // CNY handicraft

Look what I found in James bag!
DIY pussywillow in a paper coffee cup.
The teachers are so creative.

Monday, February 12, 2018

James // 4th Birthday

hubs says that James enjoy his birthday celebration here as compared to St James Kindergarten. I guess it's because he knows his classmates better. St James has this practice where they will shuffle the children every year between classes. This is to encourage social well-being amongst the children and not to let some children too dependent on others.

Well I suppose they are somewhat right about that which makes James a bit nervous every time when the year starts and he has to start making new friends again when his "old" friends have moved to other classes.

well James.
mummy can only say - "life's like that."

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