Sunday, January 28, 2018

James // doodle a cat

i thought it was pretty well drawn for a three year old going to turn 4 soon!

I cook Ban Mee for the boys

hubs not around.
so i had to settle the boys' lunch and I cooked them dried Ban Mee and they loved it!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Jade // 13 Months

 walking and climbing up steps are one of her favourite activities in the day!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Staycation - Marina Bay Sands (2nd Half of a very long Day)

Back to our hotel after a day's trip out to Suntec which is only 1 MRT train stop away. Abit too far for a walk with 3 kiddos, so it's probably best to go for a train ride. Plus the 2 boys of mine hardly took the train, so they were pretty eager about it.

 above: Jade notices that her 2 brothers are eating snacks and she also wants a bite!

 above: but her 2 brothers are totally not noticing her at all.
James even pretended that his chip was an aeroplane which flew past across Jade which she thought her brother was going to feed her! hahaha...what a joke.
 above: all the chips ended in the 2 brother's mouth. They didn't give any to Jade.
 about 5pm we went up to club55 for some tea.

 Jade has no etiquette at all

James stuffing 2 straws into his mouth. Seriously with 3 kids and no helper today. I don't really care what he puts into his mouth if it wouldnt give him a stomachache.

 back to the hotel once more. 
Jade is happily crawling on the bed and playing with the remote control.

Back to Club 55 to have some evening snacks. It's called the Wine Down. Unlimited rounds of champagne, wine and spirits with some finger food. It's really a great treat for all of us plus the kids love the cheese sticks, bread sticks and spicy potato chips. And there's fruit juices for the kiddos too. Jade fell asleep when we got there because we had to queue for at least half an hour to 45mins or so before we could get seats. By the time we were seated, the Happy Hour was almost over, leaving about 30mins. Fortunately, the food is replenished quickly so late-comers like us still had a chance to eat.

 my parents came after hearing that James had a cut on his chin.

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