Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Jade // 1st Birthday

 A quiet and just the 5 of us celebrating Jade's 1st birthday.

Happy Birthday my darling girl. You have officially turned 1!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

DIY - Winter ONEderland theme (Dessert Table)

The Dessert Table theme - Winter ONEderland or rather Wynter's ONEderland deserves its own post because I thought the white and gold Unicorn Cake and Unicorn Macarons really needs to be featured. I ordered these beautiful cake and macarons online and they turned out perfectly wonderful and became the highlight of the dessert table.

The cake is fully customised and they allowed me to choose from 12 different kinds of flavour, so you will be spoilt for choice. The sponge cake inside is not too sweet for elders and children alike but the taste is just nice.
above: Look at the beautiful intricate details of the unicorn's back. 
It's amazing!
 For the drinks, we bought Calpis which has a similar taste like Yakult which we thought parents and children would enjoy. Plus it has a white colour tinge to it which emphasized the white and gold theme I had.
 above: Pretty little macarons with pink blush and eyelashes, all hand drawn by the baker.

  above:  many party favours to give away

above: flat lay of my dessert table...lots of white!

Wynter's ONEderland Party

Celebrated Jade's first birthday party with close friends and family. 

I did up a Wynter's ONEderland theme party for my little girl since she is born in december. I really enjoyed myself when I was planning for this party and especially love the final setup of the dessert table!

Will backpost on all my DIYs and where I bought my stuff from or how i made them.

stay tuned!

Jade 1st Birthday - Number 1 Balloon

above: Jade with her 2 cheeky brothers hiding behind her

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