Monday, May 7, 2018

Jules - 6th Birthday Party LEGO cake topper

3 more days to Jules' birthday!
We did a simple LEGO number 6 cake topper for the birthday cake. 
Hopefully it will turn out nice!

Jules - 6th Birthday Party Gift Tags

 i managed to download free printable gift tags from here as the design were so pretty, even though it has no linkage to construction or building blocks. 
ps my son's birthday theme is building blocks for this year.

 we downloaded them and resized them to fit 5 nos of gift tags in one A4 paper as we needed to print 50 nos of gift tags for Jules' birthday party packs.

 here's a zoom in photo of the lovely printed calligraphy text "Lots of Love"
 thread from daiso. Gold Eiffel scissors from Typo.
we did a little customisation on the gift tags by ending Jules' first name on the back (polka dot) gift tag with "from warren" in the soft copy before printing them with our printer.
 and we are all ready to start wrapping our brown paper party packs!

 a table full of lovely mess
 a stack of lovely gift tags all waiting to be tied and gifted.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Jules - 6th Birthday Party Packs

This year we are celebrating Jules' 6th birthday party in his kindergarten and we are doing a LEGO, mini blocks theme party. We bought 50 boxes of these mini blocks to gift his classmates...

i haven't really thought hard about his birthday cake yet..and it's this coming Thursday!!! Most probably I would do the same thing like James' birthday cake...order a plain cake and decorate it myself to save some money.

Well, at least hubs has ordered the party gifts and we have wrapped all 50 boxes of them.
Brown paper from IKEA.
Mini blocks from Carousell.

I've printed some gift tags to go along with these boxes... hopefully it will turn out pretty!
will post it another time if time permits.

DIY // Mother's Day Cards

 This weekend's DIY is making Mother's Day cards with whatever stickers we have in our drawers!
James wasn't very interested in making any cards so it was just Jules and myself.

Grandmothers have almost everything they wanted so handmade stuff are definitely the best presents that they can receive, because they are made from little fingers with innocent hearts filled with best wishes.
 above: this one is for nai nai.
above: and this one is for por por

 above: all 3 mother's day cards
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