Saturday, December 9, 2017

Father Daughter - Sleeping

Both of them so tired from the day's outing. Sleeping on the living room playmat.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Godma brings gifts from Korea

cheeky monkeys...
Godma and baby Jade. Godma bought so many baby snacks for her from Korea!!!

Weekend fun for the kids - Water Jelly beads? Aqua Beads?

Weekend fun. Had a plastic box of these aqua beads which was a birthday party gift from Jules' classmate. Decided that it was time to open it up and let the boys have a go. We mixed the balls up and sorted them into colours. Lucky thing we had all the ikea bowls in the aqua beads' colours. hahah.

this took them awhile to sort out so I could make myself a cuppa coffee.

Embracing Parenthood

our family photo

Received a mailer on welcoming new family members organised by our local community centre. So we decided to pop by and see what did they offer. There were a few playmats set up in the multi purpose hall of the Community Centre with playsets like mini houses and play swings. There were about 4 booths for the parents and children to visit. One was about insurance, another was the photo booth which was the most popular. Then there was another one which allowed babies to form their own clay hand prints.

 above: imprinting Jade's little hand print onto the clay
we didn't stay till the minister came because there wasn't many activities for us to do and it was difficult to while away the time. Plus I had a sneak at the giveaway which was meant for the minister to give to new was those fabric toys for babies, something which I really didn't need anyway. So we left early and went for our brunch elsewhere.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jules - K1 Annual Concert at MES Theatre

Here are some photos of St James Kindergarten Annual Concert which happened on 28 Oct at MES Theatre (Mediacorp).  Photos are taken by hubs DSLR.

The whole family, including my parents were really excited on attending Jules' annual concert even though he wasn't the graduating batch as he was only K1 this year. As I sat through the entire concert, even though the graduating batch was not my children, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. Tears were welling up my eyes when I saw one by one, the little children going up the stage to receive their graduating scrolls in their "penguin" suit. Some forgot to bow, some went a wrong route on stage, but nonetheless, all so brave and all grown up!

goodness. i think when it happens to Jules next year, i will be bawling my eyes out.
it was so emotional for me.

and when it was Jules' class to do their performance, even though my seat was like bloody far away, i could see my little son, dancing away amongst the crowd!!! Him smiling and dancing effortlessly with his peers as I understand that the whole school has been rehearsing for months now. And all the backdrop, the choreography, costumes and script was put really well together in such a short time, especially so for children who are only 5-6 years old.


ps: When i do get to download some of my mobile photos, will post here too to share with everyone.
And I can't wait to see the online photos being upload from the official photographer so that I can start to purchase some zoom-in shots of my son!!!

~ a proud mama.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Jade // CNY clothes

Bought these lovely cheongsam dresses for baby girl from Qoo10 at about $25 each. Ordered early in case I can't get the designs that I want for CNY next year. Yup, I'm a KS sg mummy!!!
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