Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jules #122 - Rolling around!

Jules is learning to roll on his bolster!

Jules #121 - Dressing UP!

Beige Tee and Black Stripe pants - COTTON ON kids
Slipper soccer ball Socks - Jazzy Toes
Mustache Felt pin - model's own

Jules #120 - A series of funny faces

OMIGAUD! you mean the Great Singapore Sale is here!

How come I'm still at home???!!!

Hmm...i need to buy more rompers at the sale!!!

Mummy!!! Carry me out please!!!!

Jules #119 - With my sleeping buddies

Yet another weekend is here! and before we bathe Jules, we usually play with him to coax him to smile and take some photos. So here are some takes which happened this morning.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jules #116 - Lamaze Octopus

Jules and his Lamaze Octopus toy where it can make sounds and play music with its tentacles. I tried playing twinkle twinkle little star for him, but he is not impressed at all.
Why you put the toy on my head mummy?
Fed up and not getting his attention, I put the octopus on his head...then he looks at me with a "huh" look.
Since Jules doesn't seem too pleased with the octopus on his head, I put it on his lap..and he seems ok now....for the moment.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jules #115 - Calvin Klein Romper 2

After his afternoon shower, Jules is wearing his second cK romper. This one is in stripes!

And to match his new rompers are his new socks in a slipper thong print!

Jules #114 - Sandal Sock

Here's another Jazzy Toe Sock collection - sandals!

Jules #113 - Calvin Klein Romper 1

Jules on the diaper station after his morning bathe
Today I decided that it is time for Jules to start wearing his cK romper collection which we bought from Spain outlet store when I was 5 months pregnant. Although the rompers are for 3-6 months, but the 0-3 months rompers seem to be a little tight for Jules!!! hahah...his dad is saying that he is fat again...

And after wearing his new spanky romper, it's tummy time now where I put him lying down to improve his motor skills...and he's having fun on his bolster.
curious little fella!

And he falls asleep after a few minutes on his tummy!
A hard day's work being a baby!
 Jules holding onto his hanky even when he is asleep....

 In no time at all, he fell asleep on the bolster with his little butt high up.

good night everyone! it's time for my morning nap!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jules #110 - New Bouncer

look ma! I'm hugging the caterpillar!
We bought this bouncer from AMK...a shop near the polyclinic and they sell loads of baby stuff. I think we managed to buy this under $20 or thereabouts. We have been hunting this item for quite some time now. We went to baby mart and hyperstore, although they do carry it but it's all in pink.

Finally i found a blue one. Sigh.
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