Friday, June 8, 2012

Jules #74 - Pomelo Leaves

The Pomelo comes from China and is thought to be the ancestor of the grapefruit where it is considered to be “the tree of life.” The water in which pomelo leaves have been soaking is often used to bathe newborns.

Today marks the last day of my confinement lady in our household and she purposely made a trip down to the market to get some pomelo leaves for the both us - mother and child to bathe in. I feel so much for her now as compared to the first day when she walked into my door to help me and Jules get settled in.

My confinement lady is a lady of little words but her actions speak volumes. She makes the nicest confinement food and Longan red date tea. The tea she makes are pitted the night before whilst she's watching her dramas on her ipad, in her room. Around 4am, she will wake up just to start boiling my tea.

Her confinement food are a wide variety and even hubs loves it too. There's always more than enough to feed for the 3 of us. She never eats the fish but leaves it for me and cooks soup for me every single meal. After my 12th day of delivery, she will prepare stew chicken in XO for me every single night.

When I wake up in the morning, she will hear my footsteps and steps out of her room to prepare my oats breakfast without me asking. Next she will fill my flask with the Longan red date tea which she had prepared earlier and fill my tupperware with my pumping gear.

Pomelo leaves
Pomelo leaves - ready for Jules' bathe

I was so overwhelmed with the fact that she is leaving that I forgot to take a picture with her and Jules. Thank you Auntie Yu Ying from the bottom of my heart.


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  1. Hi July's mummy,

    Do you mind sharing auntie Yu Ying contact with me as I'm desperately looking for a good confinement lady? Thx a lot! My email is


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