Friday, March 31, 2017

Look what I bought - Twinning denim shorts

Jules James and Jade //Godma

it's difficult to get all 3 of them to look straight into the camera.

Jules - Brief from MANGO kids

I was shopping at vivocity with my cousin the other day,  looking for boys' brief because Jules' grandma has been complaining that the current ones are too tight for him. The first place I thought of was Mothercare and H&M. So I bought a packet of 6 from H&M for Jules...then i walked into MANGO wanting to look at some clothes and somehow i wandered into the kids department...and saw that they also sell boys' briefs...and they looked way much better than H&M ones!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jade // Fabric books

i gave all my Lamaze fabric story books away!!!
so i have to buy new ones for Jade... But it's all for a good cause. Really love Lamaze toys and their fabric books for their colours, textures and sounds. Keeps Jade occupied for quite awhile.

Jade // how to organize baby shoes

Was searching online on how to organize baby shoes because they are so small! I was wondering should i buy a drawer box to fit them but I couldn't really see all her shoes in one glance...another way which i found was to put all the shoes in a transparent wall pocket. And I managed to find it at Daiso!

Jade // GAP baby romper

GAP was having a promotion where you buy 3 and get 2 free!
Couldn't resist and so I bought 5 baby rompers for Jade (size: 3-6months).

Monday, March 27, 2017

Make Shift Toy Shelf

Remember we had these leftover OSB boards from our temporary room which hubs made for the helper? Well hubs has decided to do a quick shelf to house some of Jules and James toys!
Initially we wanted to put castors underneath the shelf to make it more mobile but we realised that we didn't have any spare ones! So we just added a piece of felt underneath to make it easier to slide it on the tile floor when we need to access the storage behind this shelf.

if you are wondering what happened to the rest of the OSB boards, well we left it at the recycling bin and that evening, most of the boards were taken away by somebody. At least that's one thing of my mind now before I start work next week!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jules - the budding photographer

Hubs recently bought a second hand manfrotto tripod and has been trying out his new toy, taking photos mostly at home. Jules on the other hand is very excited to emulate his father and trying to take photos by using his brother James as a model who happily poses for him.

I find joy in watching the 2 kiddos playing with each other.

Jules and James - Picnic at home

Saturday Play time.
Jules and James on their make-believe picnic.
Kids have really great imagination! They just need a cushion, blanket or something soft to sit on and they tell me that they are having a picnic.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Jade // Pink polka dot PJs

Pretty in Pink
 Bought this cute 2 piece set pajamas from H&M baby during a sale.

Jade // Mark and Spencer Rompers

Here's another newborn set of baby rompers which belonged to Jade which she has outgrown too!
Just want to take some photos of it before I store it's a set of 7 pieces labelled from Monday to Sunday. Was a gift from her Godma who asked someone in UK to buy from Marks and Spencer. Her Godma dotes on her so much that she has also purchased another 7 piece set for 3-6months old from M&S.

Yup our bb Jade is such a fortunate baby!

 above: Princess series set of 7 piece romper labelled Monday to Sunday.

Jade // outgrowing her rompers

Some of Jade's rompers are getting a little tight for her...super love this series of white, pink and grey. So sad to see her outgrowing them. We bought this 5 piece set of rompers from Bangkok at a very affordable price. But happy at the same time that our dear Jade is growing well! and out with the old and in with new clothes!!!

time to renew her wardrobe.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Jules trying to be poked a toilet paper roll into my camera lens when I was about to photograph him.

River Safari Throwback

for full story, click here!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jade // Baby Clothes from H&M baby

above: here's my H&M shopping haul!
This is the result of me being "let-out" for an afternoon. Or actually it's only 30mins without hubs' supervision in a shopping mall.

 cute denim shorts on sale. 
Think it was $20 from the regular priced $24.95

 cute 2 piece set for Jade!

 i really love this white romper with lace collar.
 2 baby rompers for a very good price. Love the cottony soft fabric.

 I just couldn't resist this pink eyelet dress.

cute peter pan collar. 
Also this dress may look like a dress but actually it's a romper dress!
lastly, pretty floral blue headbands for baby Jade. 
3 pieces in a bundle for $9.90!

and i love how H&M gives their plastic clothes hanger together with the clothes so that I don't have to purchase more clothes hangers for Jade's clothes. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jade // New pants from Cotton On Baby

popped by Vivocity's Cotton On Kids and saw this really cute fox pants for babies at $15 and decided to HECK -  just buy it.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jade // 3 months old try out photos

Jade turns 3 months today and we are taking some trial shots of her...and just when I thought hey! these photos ain't too bad...then i realised that I had forgotten to put the milestone card!!! and Jade was already in tears because she is not used to being laid on the hard cold floor like this...

so off to the bed for more photo shots!

and here are the comfy bed shots that didn't quite make the cut.

 above: rejected photo - missing foot and her hand over the milestone card

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