Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jade // Hello Kitty Romper

one of hubs' cousin who had a baby girl has outgrown her baby rompers and has generously donated to us! And one of the pre-loved rompers which we had inherited in this cute purple Hello Kitty romper from FOX baby.

i love pre-loved items because firstly it's already worn and softened by the previous baby or babies, secondly i guess we all need to do our part in recycling whatever we can, especially babies clothes since they outgrow them so fast.

here are some reality shots of baby Jade with her brother Jules who is always out to photo bomb my pictures.

 Jules who insisted in squeezing onto the mat and being part of the picture.

 above: now Jade doesn't even want to look at the camera but gurgles to her brother.

 finally i caught miss drool's attention

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