Saturday, March 11, 2017

St James Carnival - Part I (What We Ate)

Finally got a chance to update my blog on St James Annual Carnival on Harding campus grounds. The tentage started erecting just a few days before the big day and when the tent was up, the whole carpark became so much cooler! Although it made parking a tiny wee bit difficult due to the tents' posts.

back to the carnival...when we arrived at noon time, many of the really good food were sold out but hey! there were still some which other people had missed which I thought was pretty yummy too!
 Above: Jules enjoying his popcorn and Mac & Cheese

We got ourselves a cool lemonade fix. It was so darn hot even under the tent which had ceiling fans installed. From the same stall, we also bought burritoes which the cheese was heated on the spot so that it was so sticky and gooey when we ate it...OMG. it was really good. Plus it had alot of meat which hubs really like. Did i mention that hubs was a MEAT MAN?
 above: the really good burritos
 Swedish meatballs. Classic favorite from IKEA
Chee Cheong Fun for my parents who has chinese mouths. Ask them to eat IKEA meatballs and burritos is like asking them not to eat.
 above: tons and tons of people who came to the carnival.

above: Leftover Mac&Cheese and my mum spoon-feeding Jules his fruits. He is still very much like a baby in my mother's eyes because he was their first grandson afterall.  If you are wondering...yes James is not here because he didn't want to come to school!!! He rather stay at home with my helper and watch telly, even though i told him that it wasn't a school day and it was just for fun.

 me. my parents. Jules eating his popcorn and Bb Jade in my sling. 
Hubs went to get food so he's not in the picture.
did i mention that the coffee was sooo good! 
And the barista did a perfect heart shaped latte art too.

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