Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jade // Baby Clothes from H&M baby

above: here's my H&M shopping haul!
This is the result of me being "let-out" for an afternoon. Or actually it's only 30mins without hubs' supervision in a shopping mall.

 cute denim shorts on sale. 
Think it was $20 from the regular priced $24.95

 cute 2 piece set for Jade!

 i really love this white romper with lace collar.
 2 baby rompers for a very good price. Love the cottony soft fabric.

 I just couldn't resist this pink eyelet dress.

cute peter pan collar. 
Also this dress may look like a dress but actually it's a romper dress!
lastly, pretty floral blue headbands for baby Jade. 
3 pieces in a bundle for $9.90!

and i love how H&M gives their plastic clothes hanger together with the clothes so that I don't have to purchase more clothes hangers for Jade's clothes. 

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