Saturday, August 31, 2013

Jules - He knows when he drops a biscuit on the floor

 Jules is looking at me after he has dropped his rusk biscuit onto the floor.
 Then he tries to look down and locates his biscuit.
 Then he points to the biscuit. But I just carried on taking photos of him.
 So he looks up and me and points back at the biscuit again!
And he looks down at the fallen biscuit.

Jules with a Measuring Tape - All ready to be a contractor

 using a measuring tape to measure a tape??? I haven't the faintest clue what he is doing here!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jules - Superman tee for baby boys!

Jules in his new Superman tee from H&M baby section.
Think he doesn't like to take photos at the moment.

Jules - Vivocity Water play

Sunday morning and I usually enjoy my breakfast either at Redhill's vegetarian store or Vivocity's Toastbox to get my daily fills of a good meal.

This sunday as I'm in the itch for some shopping, so it's breakfast at Vivocity before I head off to H&M, MDS, Mothercare, UNIQLO, COTTON ON KIDS, TOYS'R"Us, FrancFranc for some retail therapy! And i usually round off my shopping spree with a good ole cuppa earl grey milk tea from Gongcha.

After some shopping, it was time to feed Jules his cerealac and we stopped by the 2nd storey water play area.
Both the boys kept looking towards the shrills and screams from the other kids who were playing with the water jets and basking in the sun. Many of them were in their playsuits while some came unprepared like us, were in normal rompers or tees.

As you can see, Jules was very interested in joining all the other kids at the water play area and kept pointing towards their direction. So we told him that he has to eat finish his cereals and then we will let him join in the wet fun.


we took off his shorts before letting him play at the wet area as we came unprepared for this sudden"activity". However I did some shopping for Jules at H&M, so he has a "spare" tee now when he gets wet.

Jules enjoyed himself so much, chasing after the water jets and trying to step on the spurts of water. He tried to catch the jets with his bare hands too and many a times, it ended spraying his face and he gets a HAPPY shock! So funny! He's very thrilled!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jules - The Fever is GONE!!!


I guess the 1st and 2nd days of Jules' fever were the worst days of the week.
He is still currently on his Tamiflu and going to finish his course this friday.
On day 1, the fever was very persistent, so we gave him Ibuprofen every 6 hours. That night, the fever subsided while he slept. So come day 2, we started him on Progesic every 4 hours but the fever went up!!!
So by evening, I started to gave Jules Ibuprofen again because it brings his fever down and he is less fussy and whiney. So we gave him Ibuprofen at midnight again and the next morning.

Today is the 3rd day and I'm glad to announce that his fever is gone.
God bless the little fella.

*cough cough*

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jules playing with his caterpillar toy

Jules and Hubs - Reading a book

Tuesday evening.
Hubs is reading a book for Jules.

Jules - 1st Fever

Jules never had a fever before even when he was teething or when he had 3 booster jabs in a row.
But this morning he developed a fever. Hubs and I still continued our usual routine and brought him over to my dad's place in the morning, fed him a dose of children's panadol and went to work.

before lunch, I messaged my dad to ask how was Jules doing and Dad told me that he was crying and whining, refused to eat and the fever did not subside.
Immediately i told hubs that we will need to take e-leave and bring Jules to see the doctor.

the clinic was closed for lunch and only opens after 230pm.
So we had our lunch and went to fetch Jules to the doctor. We waited almost an hour before we got to see the doctor. By then when the doctor took Jules' temperature, it was soaring at 39.3 degs.

And Jules tested positive for influenza and since his temperature was above 39 degs, doctor says it is actually quite serious, if he doesn't get well, it will become pneumonia.

Doctor gave Jules 5 days of MC but my company doesn't recognise it as parental leave or child sick leave.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jules @15 months!

Happy 15 months old Jules!!!!
To celebrate another month of milestone for Jules, we went to TOYS'R'US and bought him a caterpillar remote control toy. And he loves the buttons on the remote control!!!
It makes the digger moves forward and backwards, the digger can be controlled up and down plus it has some funky music tune to groove too.
 Jules crawling to his new toy once we took it out from the store room to surprise him.

 Jules and myself: the poor boy fell down the bed while sleeping so he has a cut on his nose.

Here I am, trying to remove the toy from the box. As we can see, I'm not very good at it. And Jules is inspecting every move I'm making with his hands behind his back like some officer during his routine check rounds. After awhile, I gave up..."DADDY!!!" i called to hubs and ask him to help remove the toy from the box.

Jules, looking at his dad, also trying very hard to remove the toy from the box. Obviously it's very theft-proof. Either that, or we make very very BAD thieves.
 Jules looking at his dad, until he founds that he has a tummy to show off!

Finally Jules cannot wait, while his dad is still trying to remove all the wires, he goes for the remote control buttons.
 Jules starts to count the number of minutes that his dad is taking....tick tock tick tock

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