Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jules - 1st visit to the Singapore Zoo (Part 1)

Selamat Hari Raya!! and it's going to be a long weekend of holidays here in Singapore so we are off to the Singapore zoo to have a wild time. Jules is already very happy and preppy in his new romper and to match his stripey blue romper, hubs and I are also wearing stripes today!!!

 above are some photos of us in stripes!
 Jules putting his hand out to me: STOP the paparazzi! and then he points his index finger at him in warning.

within 30mins, we are there! and there was already a line of cars waiting to gain entry into the open surface carpark.

 first stop is to settle our stomachs and we had our brunch at KFC and fed Jules his cereals.
Then because the normal queue to get tickets was so long that we decided not to use our safra vouchers and paid the full ticket price to get in. The full ticket price was a much shorter queue.
The first animals which we saw were the monkeys!

we saw flamingoes, antelopes and rhinoceros.


 the boys in matching stripey outfits just like the zebras.
 the turtle who had a red face and a little girl called him "spiderman"

 to be continued

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