Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jules - 1st Fever

Jules never had a fever before even when he was teething or when he had 3 booster jabs in a row.
But this morning he developed a fever. Hubs and I still continued our usual routine and brought him over to my dad's place in the morning, fed him a dose of children's panadol and went to work.

before lunch, I messaged my dad to ask how was Jules doing and Dad told me that he was crying and whining, refused to eat and the fever did not subside.
Immediately i told hubs that we will need to take e-leave and bring Jules to see the doctor.

the clinic was closed for lunch and only opens after 230pm.
So we had our lunch and went to fetch Jules to the doctor. We waited almost an hour before we got to see the doctor. By then when the doctor took Jules' temperature, it was soaring at 39.3 degs.

And Jules tested positive for influenza and since his temperature was above 39 degs, doctor says it is actually quite serious, if he doesn't get well, it will become pneumonia.

Doctor gave Jules 5 days of MC but my company doesn't recognise it as parental leave or child sick leave.


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