Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jules @15 months!

Happy 15 months old Jules!!!!
To celebrate another month of milestone for Jules, we went to TOYS'R'US and bought him a caterpillar remote control toy. And he loves the buttons on the remote control!!!
It makes the digger moves forward and backwards, the digger can be controlled up and down plus it has some funky music tune to groove too.
 Jules crawling to his new toy once we took it out from the store room to surprise him.

 Jules and myself: the poor boy fell down the bed while sleeping so he has a cut on his nose.

Here I am, trying to remove the toy from the box. As we can see, I'm not very good at it. And Jules is inspecting every move I'm making with his hands behind his back like some officer during his routine check rounds. After awhile, I gave up..."DADDY!!!" i called to hubs and ask him to help remove the toy from the box.

Jules, looking at his dad, also trying very hard to remove the toy from the box. Obviously it's very theft-proof. Either that, or we make very very BAD thieves.
 Jules looking at his dad, until he founds that he has a tummy to show off!

Finally Jules cannot wait, while his dad is still trying to remove all the wires, he goes for the remote control buttons.
 Jules starts to count the number of minutes that his dad is taking....tick tock tick tock

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