Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jules and Hubs

Twinning outfits for boys and dads from Uniqlo. Hubs has been wearing his dry fit tees for some time now and finds it really comfy in them so he bought the exact same one for jules.
Jules loves it so much that he wants to wear it 2 days straight in a row. It's very light and breathable, super suitable for our hot tropical climate.

Jade // 71 Days (2 months and 9 days)

Last day of the month February...
my mum says I'm super cute. 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jade // KIWI Head

 fuzzy head like a peach...opps i meant KIWI!
I guess I never will experience being mummy to those babies whose head are full of black thick hair because all 3 of my babies have fuzzy light brown hair. Just like a kiwi. 

The goodside of things is that I hardly need to bring my 2 sons to a hairdresser because they have so fine hair and my MIL finds it relatively quite fun and easy to cut their hair without an electric shaver.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

James waiting to eat his cupcake

one of our clients was so sweet to bought us cupcakes for our newborn and greedy James couldn't wait to get his little hands on them although i told him to wait cos I wanted to take some photos of the pretty cupcakes!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jade // 1st Immunisation

Jade just turned 2 months and we are here at our regular PD for her 1st jab. She looks super happy here, all smiley but after the 1st poke on her thigh, WAH! she cried so loud!!! PD gave us some paracetamol on standby in case she get a fever from the immunization, which is common in babies though for our 2 boys they never did develop a fever from their jabs.

Our PD checked for her weight and height growth which is hovering at the 75th percentile. So she is growing well. PD reminds us to cut her fingernails too in case she scratches her face...other than that, it was a super quick visit to the doctors!

Jade Little Fingers

 Jade just after her 2nd month. Still very tiny and oh so cute!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


We have 2 February babies in the house!
James and hubs, just 5 days apart... this year I bought a cake from LeTao for hubs. It's quite small so it's just perfect for a small family like us where we can finish it all within the night and do not need to keep any leftovers.

it's a cheese cake coated with cocoa powder, air flown from Hokkaido. When we were visiting Hokkaido 4 years ago, I tried their double cheese cake and immediately fell in love with it!

There's a branch here in Singapore at ION orchard. You can choose to buy either chilled (can be kept outside for 2 hours) or frozen (can be kept outside for 4-6 hours) cakes and other tidbits.  We bought the chilled cake as we were heading for home immediately to put the cake into the chiller.

The boys loved the cake and quickly finished up their portions, which is great because tomorrow is another school day and I don't want them to eat their cakes too late and sleep even later.

Jade // 65 days

Jade lifting her head

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jules and James at Raffles City Grass Patch

Playing scissors paper stone...cars and catching.
Just an empty space and my 2 sons can play for an hour here, just chasing one after another!

Jade // Today I am two months old

Jade at 2 months
5.355 kgs and 57cm long
Drinking 100ml of milk at each feed, 3 hourly intervals. I would say she is a fussy drinker because her brothers just drank milk when they were asleep, however she will cry a big one when she is being disturbed from her sleep during night feeds.

Doesn't poo regularly as she did in her first month though when she does a big one, it can be so stinky that her 2 brothers run away as fast as they can. She is starting to blow bubbles and bite her mittens. But I rather she bite her mittens than to scratch her face with her fingernails.

Doctor says her height and weight is above average and growing well! She is also starting to blow bubbles and smiles more often these days too. Jules always says she is so cute and squeezes her two checks together.

she is very much loved by her mummy, daddy and 2 naughty brothers!



My parents were so sweet and thoughtful!
As hubs birthday falls on a weekday and my mum is still working so she thought it would be better for us to celebrate hubs birthday on a weekend so that everyone can rest early. It was a real surprise as I didn't even know that they had gone out to buy a birthday cake for hubs. My mum just told us to pop over for dinner and after dinner, they brought out the cake!

thanks mummy daddy!

Mos Burger at Raffles City

with 3 kids, there's so much about the city life that I have missed out. Apparently at Mos Burger Raffles city also known as Mos Cafe, they sell rice dishes and burgers too! It works just like any regular self-service Mos burger fast food chain, but with more elaborate menu. As I was so new to their menu, I asked my cousin for a recommendation and she said she always eat their steak rice and so I tried. Not bad considering it's still a burger joint.

I guess the good points is that it's a more extensive menu but being the old school me...i still love my spicy MOS burger with cheese just like when i was in secondary school. hee.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

James 3rd Birthday at St James Kindy

Jules insisted that he wanted to attend James birthday party at St James Kindy, so we had to ask one of the admin staff to take him out of his class so that he could walk over to his little brother's class with us and sing him his birthday song!

Happy Birthday James!

James 3rd Birthday celebration at Nanyang Kindy

James told us that he wanted to celebrate his birthday with all his classmates and he wanted a Minion cake. Nowadays customised cakes are in all the rage, however most often the pretty ones are finished in sweet fondant. So instead of getting minion fondant cakes or cupcakes, I did a papercraft minion cake topper!

Our little guy enjoyed his minion cake and I enjoyed doing a little something for his birthday.
James enjoying his strawberry cake
DIY minion cake topper
James about to cut his cake

Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Lunch

Having our lunch at The Chop House Vivocity
We are celebrating Valentine's Day one day earlier because tomorrow hubs has to visit his renovation sites and meet some contractors... it's ok with me that we are not celebrating on the actual day itself as long as I get to spend some time with him! 

I'm having the pumpkin soup (soup of the day) and Barramundi. Hub is having Bangers and Mash and tortilla chip with minced beef. And we are sharing a cuppa latte.

And our little Jade is here to join in our Valentine's Day lunch with us while the boys are in school. 

 our starters and coffee came first.
Our mains arrived shortly. My barramundi was too dry even though the skin was crispy. I didn't really like it at all. Hub thoroughly enjoyed his bangers and smash. I had a try too...yup. I agree. It tastes so much better than my fish.

and we are off to buy our Valentine's day present now!
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