Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jules - The Photographer

Jules the Toddler.
He just turned 24 months this month

Milestones till date:
1) take off his tee shirt by himself
2) able to name several body parts - head shoulder hands feet eyes nose mouth ears hair backside fingers
3) washes hands by himself
4) speaks clearly most of the time
5) can differentiate black and red colour and name them correctly
6) names his toddler neighbours - benjamin and ethan

James - Turning at 3 months plus!!

When placed on his back, James is able to roll from his back to his front and lifts his head high up!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Day at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park Part II

Jules pointing to the frog logo on his gong gong polo tee: what's that!?!bird!
Gong Gong: it's a frog, not bird.
 James: it's damn hot out here....dunno why mama bring us here...just to see birds?!?!

 Jules and my dad

Jules is having his half boiled eggs here 
We went out of the bird park to have our lunch. To re-enter the park, remember to go to the park keeper to get a re-entry chop. 

 my dad says my son Jules is sooo lazy, he rests his head on my dad's head!!!

that's all folks!!!

Jules is really very much a very city boy and is afraid of all the big birds.
really hope this trip has made him learn that not all birds are just pigeons, mynahs and sparrows.

A Day at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park Part 1

Jurong Bird Park
Opening hours: 830am - 6pm
Ticket prices: *$25 (adult), $16 (children), $10 (senior citizens)
* remember to check with the ticket counter on which credit card/card provides additional discount.

we started off at the aircon area where we can see the penguins and puffins!
next it was feeding the birds!
And I bought tram rides for everyone cos it was a hot weather and walking with 2 young children is no kidding!!! Better take the tram. Think it was $5 per person.
James is currently in love with sucking his fingers!!!! 
The tram ride comes in every 10mins or so, so waiting time is not very long.

stay tune for part II

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tigger suit!

 Here's a gift from one of our client for baby James! - Tigger suit!

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