Sunday, October 30, 2016

Jules - Funny Lines

Today we went to ikea for dinner then I told Jules that IKEA will start selling Christmas stuff so he said"mummy then u can buy me my Christmas present! The octonaut gup!!"
Then I went"ok then u must buy me a present for xmas too"
Then Jules went: how about u share share my gup??
After thinking awhile he went: mummy today my photo frame from Nanyang is your xmas present!!!
Then both hubs and I went: but u opened it already!!!
Then Jules went: mummy because I wanted u to know what was inside!!!
So I went: since u opened it, it's not a surprise and cannot be my xmas present.
Jules: mummy, how about I draw you a card can?

cheapo son.

Pregnancy #3 - Week 33

taking a progress photo of my pregnancy of before heading out.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Home@Stirling - Primary School Friend Gathering 2016

 Group photo before we started eating!
Simple potluck where everyone had to bring a little something to the table. We prepared a big water canister of ribena and braised triple layered pork. Hubs cooked the night before and continued simmering this afternoon.

The rest brought sausages, salad, chomp chomp satay and chicken wings, fried rice, beehoon, noodles and gyoza. Super sumptous and I ate to the brim!
Both Jules and James were so hungry that they started off on their owns, munching on the satay as you can see in the photo above.

And to cap it off, we all had my almond longan jelly. Not in the photos cos it was so late already when we took it out to serve.

Last group photo before we called it a night!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - 33 weeks office wear clothes

Pregnancy Office wear @ 33 weeks
Bought my dress from Bangkok and i have it in 3 different colours.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jules & James - Sand Art in their Batman PJs

I bought matching pajamas from Qoo10 and the seller was very kind to include a free gift inside - sand art. My boys playing this for the first time and they were very intrigued. Hubs helped along the way to pull out the sticker and pour out the colour sand for the boys to push it around to fill in the blank portions.

 Jules demonstrating the front and back of his pjs.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - End of week 32...going on to week 33

weight: 55.7kgs
Jade: 1.7kgs

Pregnancy #3 - DIY baby Hairbands

4 years ago i was making bowties for boys. Now I'm making hairbands!

felt - daiso
elastic bands - daiso
beads - scraps from unwanted clothings

Pregnancy #3 - Bunting Completed!

Finally finished baby Jade's bunting after so long. That's because the sewing machine motor band gave way and hubs had to go down to a sewing machine shop to find some spare parts. Luckily he managed to find something similar and it worked!

The yellow polka dot ribbon and all the fabric are from Spotlight.


Jules and James - Artificial Terrarium

Friday, October 21, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - Week 32 Dinner at 海底捞

Visited the gynae this morning for my regular check up. 
Week 32
Weight: 55.7kg
Baby: 1.7kg
Dinner at Hai Di Lao where they pride themselves for really good service. We ordered a tomato base soup, handmade balls, flavoured chicken and beef, assortment of mushrooms, half serving of cabbage, spinach, beancurd stripes.

although we started at 4pm. By the time we finished at 6pm. I was so stuffed that night that I couldn't sleep until it was 2am. Indigestion and I kept burping. Goodness I must really control myself and start to eat small meals from now.

As I'm well into my third trimester, my digestive system has started to "relax" and things are moving snail pace in the digestive tract.

The waiter there was kind enough to offer me a rubber band to tie my hair, an apron to protect my blouse and after I was done eating, he gave me a small gift!!! - a baby bib for Jade, very traditional sort. Red and with paper cutting print out.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

James at his Grandparents' place

Yet a another Sunday. Today's my helper's day off, instead of bringing the boys over to my in-laws, I brought them over to my parents. My dad gave James a story book to colour while Jules went over to his toy area and started to play with his wooden blocks.

 James - loves to colour

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