Friday, October 21, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - Week 32 Dinner at 海底捞

Visited the gynae this morning for my regular check up. 
Week 32
Weight: 55.7kg
Baby: 1.7kg
Dinner at Hai Di Lao where they pride themselves for really good service. We ordered a tomato base soup, handmade balls, flavoured chicken and beef, assortment of mushrooms, half serving of cabbage, spinach, beancurd stripes.

although we started at 4pm. By the time we finished at 6pm. I was so stuffed that night that I couldn't sleep until it was 2am. Indigestion and I kept burping. Goodness I must really control myself and start to eat small meals from now.

As I'm well into my third trimester, my digestive system has started to "relax" and things are moving snail pace in the digestive tract.

The waiter there was kind enough to offer me a rubber band to tie my hair, an apron to protect my blouse and after I was done eating, he gave me a small gift!!! - a baby bib for Jade, very traditional sort. Red and with paper cutting print out.

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