Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pregnancy #61 - 36 weeks

hubs and I make it a point to try to take some of my pregnancy photos for keepsake, preferably on a weekly basis now that i'm starting to balloon. Previously it was a monthly photo-taking as there wasn't much progress that can be seen by the naked eye.

I really want to track this part of my life's journey... it's such a big change in both of our lives. Sometimes we wonder whether are we ready or not. But we tell ourselves that this is what we wanted and planned for right from the when it comes, it comes!

My baby has been a real kicker i must say!!!
He kicks so often and somersaults so much in my tummy that i feel jolts all the time...when i do my kicker count, i can finish 10 counts in less than 10 mins!

But I'm glad that he's enjoying his little one bedroom studio apartment! As dad calls it his 'swimming pool'.

so far i haven't felt any braxton hicks at all!!! Should i be feeling any??? cos my gynae just asked me at my last check up...and she also secretly asked hubs whether was i eating regularly or not because I haven't been putting on much weight!

since my pregnancy, i have only put on 9 kilos so far and baby weighs 2.5 kilos now!!!
Anyway, as long as baby is healthy, safe and sound. That is the most important thing to me now!


Pregnancy #60 - 36 weeks


Pregnancy - Baby Car Seat (Maxi Cosi)

After our PPE gathering at Group Therapy, we headed down to Singapore Expo to take alook at the baby fair where I bought 2 more nursing bras. We also checked out the baby car seat, one of the outstanding items in our baby list.

In the end, we decided to buy our baby car seat from Baby Hyperstore.
There were many colours to choose from, but since this babyseat is only going to serve us from 1 month - 9 months...which isn't very long, we decided to go economical and buy the one that is on sale.

So we bought the maxi cosi Purple Blossom which was the 2011 edition and on sale for $269 instead of the usual $304.

Plus we still have to buy an adaptor from Motherworks to fit this car seat to our Stokke stroller which is another sum of money again.

Pregnancy - Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Bought the Medela Breast Pump online for $500 from agapebabies...and self collected at Old Airport Road Food Market.

I heard many mothers, friends and even from colleagues that they are using this product to express their milk out.
Hope this works!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dinner at one of my Favourite Ramen Places

here comes my bowl of ramen!

people tell me that i don't look 9 months pregnant!

hubs ordered a small bowl of char siew rice!

zoom in on his char siew rice

Hubs ordered the Katsu Ramen

And i need to have some matcha ice cream to finish off my dinner!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pregnancy #57 - Washing

BB's clothes got stuck!

 It's a sunny weekend!!! and it's time to do some baby laundry!!! So exciting...we started with the whites - mostly rompers, blankets and muslin clothes, terry we went to do the coloured rompers and tees, then followed by bedsheets and finally mittens, booties and bibs!!!

and they were so small that the booties got caught in the wheels of the washing machine! hahaha...that was so hilarious!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Joelle's Bazaar!

table of my wares!
joelle decided to hold a flea party at her flat since she had loads of stuff to clear...and she rallied a few of us to chip in some of our stuff which we wanted to sell too!

one man's trash is another man's treasure!

According to Joelle, after i left for home, putting up my wares at one of her table to sell... quite a few of my stuff were sold off!!!
  1. Guitar ($20)
  2. 3 Ice Trays ($6)
  3. Lamp ($2)
  4. Chest of mini drawers ($5)
  5. Pasta maker ($10)
  6. USB computer desk fan ($5)
  7. Teapot for 1 ($2)


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pregnancy #56 - Sock Owl

TIME for an UPDATE! 
Here's a backdated post on our makings of the Sock owl.

ahren making a new feather friend!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pregnancy #54 - Fabric Hot Air Balloon

Posted some of previous handmade hot air balloons on facebook and they have been getting rave comments and reviews!!

Made this for one of my colleagues because she wants one...And I'm still in the mood of sewing so why not!

this time, i made one sort of a Princessy theme with lace trimmings along the girth of the Hot Air Balloon for a more feminine touch. I also chose a pink cum red fabric with stripes...the past few ones i did were all this one is a one-off! And i also added a button on top cos that's where I'm going to put a little string into a loop so that she can hang it wherever she wants.

getting really used to making these things that within half an hour i can finish one!

hope she likes it!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pregnancy #57 - Baby Cot

 Hot Air Balloon Mobile & Sock Owl Mobile
Yes! our baby cot area is almost done up now, leaving to wash the sheets and to lay them before he arrives.

There's so much anticipation and hope. ~ dear little one.

Pregnancy #53 - Burps and Bibs

~ My entire handmade collection ~

Pregnancy - 32 weeks

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pregnancy #55 - Preparation for a baby cot area

weekend project
let's clean up our study area!
it's a long weekend, let's not waste anymore time.
last look at our study area

 Hubs 'building' the diaper changing station now....

And the diaper changing station is almost done!

Next it's onto the baby cot....

Pregnancy #52 - Sock + Felt Toy

Here's the beginning of our new friend...Hubs is making it at the moment...

it's made from his old black sock and he is using felt for the eyes and mouth...i think it's like a Gollywog! Sure to scare children right?
Hubs say that it's not meant for children...hmmm i wonder what is he making it for then?

hard to understand.

however as long as he is enjoying whatever he does and still continues to do the household chores, i have no complaints...hahaha.

Pregnancy #51 - 'Sailor' Baby Bib and Burp Cloth

handmade piping!

Just finished another bib and matching burp cloth using an anchor print from Spotlight. 
The polka dot piping was handmade from the scrap cloth which was leftover from the bunting.
DIY piping was quite easy to do, just have to prepare a long strip of cloth, stuff with a cord or in my case I stuffed it with 3 strands of yarn and sew the long ends together!
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