Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jules@Dean& Deluca Breakfast!

 Jules waiting for his breakfast

We were slightly earlier before the opening hours of 10am. So we went walking around Orchard Central on the uppers floors, but most of the shops weren't open either. By the time we went down to D&D again at 10am , there were like 4 couples a head of us ordering!

then Jules saw someone climbing up the ladder to retrieve some stuff upstairs and he was so amazed! It was like watching Spiderman in action to him.

TOTALLY captivated

After awhile, Jules started to play peek-a-boo with us. It was so funny!!! the little fella totally enjoyed himself, hiding himself behind the table menu.

 here's how he "close" the table menus together to hide his little face
 and he peeks to the left!

Chunky Chicken Roll with Bacon
 YAY! hubs and my breakfast finally arrives, so we can start feeding Jules now.
American Country Breakfast

 and Jules continues with his peek-a-boo games with us while he eats his cereals.

 Jules going "hello!", holding hubs' handphone cover to his ear.
click here for Jules' 1st visit to Dean & that time he was still a baby!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pregnancy #2 - 9 Weeks and counting

Recently since week 8, I have been having this sudden urge to eat every morning.
I'm not the usual breakfast person and even my 1st pregnancy, I didn't have to eat breakfast in my first trimester. I only started eating breakfast during my 2nd trimester because my gynae told me that I wasn't putting on enough weight.

But this is really crazy!!!

the hunger pangs comes like a switch! There's not even the slightest hint that the next moment i will be hungry. And when it comes, it's like a lightning flash, fast and swift and hits you like a bullet.
if I don't find something to eat, I will feel nauseating and awful like a very bad headache. Making me very uncomfortable and irritable.

And when i find something to settle my stomach, then i will feel peaceful once more.

this week:
Mon: chee cheong fun and char siew bao
Tue: Burger King Cross'wich turkey ham and egg
tomorrow: pack my own sandwich to work to save money and time.

I'm so scared that I will put on a lot of weight for this pregnancy.

our baby is the size of a grape now.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Jules - mummy always give in!

Jules - satisfied look.

Jules - Manja lah.

 if you want something, look as pitiful as you can
 if everything else fails, cringe a face
if it doesn't work, wail and look to your mum.
dad looks least impressed here.
think this trick is used too often.
 so much so that dad thinks it's funny.
 if still can't convince them, POUT!
if still cannot, might as well wipe your tears first.
think of another strategy later.
no use crying over split milk.

  jules philosophy
"soothe myself first
get the thing later."
meantime, ignore daddy because he rejected me.
suck suck sucks thumb.
 ok. i'm feeling much better now.
make another move
moving towards mummy.


Jules - Kaypoh-ing around

 Jules: Oh daddy! what are you up too? Let me see!!!
 Jules: hmm...i can't really see from his shoulder.
 Jules: and daddy is not giving me any attention at all! Must pull his shirt!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jules - Topless!!!

 this little fella also know how to suck in his tummy for a photo!

 jules in a dash

 crawling and he spots his book!
 for a moment, i thought he was going to throw his book at me!
then again, he looked at his book like there's something very wrong with it.
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