Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pregnancy #2 - 9 Weeks and counting

Recently since week 8, I have been having this sudden urge to eat every morning.
I'm not the usual breakfast person and even my 1st pregnancy, I didn't have to eat breakfast in my first trimester. I only started eating breakfast during my 2nd trimester because my gynae told me that I wasn't putting on enough weight.

But this is really crazy!!!

the hunger pangs comes like a switch! There's not even the slightest hint that the next moment i will be hungry. And when it comes, it's like a lightning flash, fast and swift and hits you like a bullet.
if I don't find something to eat, I will feel nauseating and awful like a very bad headache. Making me very uncomfortable and irritable.

And when i find something to settle my stomach, then i will feel peaceful once more.

this week:
Mon: chee cheong fun and char siew bao
Tue: Burger King Cross'wich turkey ham and egg
tomorrow: pack my own sandwich to work to save money and time.

I'm so scared that I will put on a lot of weight for this pregnancy.

our baby is the size of a grape now.


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