Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jules James and Jade // At the Supermarket

a grouchy baby in a trolley with 2 cheeky brothers playing hide and seek with me!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Jade // 27 weeks old

At 27 weeks, rather than sleeping longer at nights, Jade wakes up often and needs feeding several times a night. During the day, she enjoys rolling, crawling, gurgling, smiling. Some days she can spend 30mins just playing by herself on the mat, other days she wants to be constantly carried around. There isn't a fixed routine or habit which we can follow or predict!

Just turning 6 months, she is quite an engaging baby that demands quite a lot of attention. But my bet is which baby isn't right? Also I read up online that at 6 months, babies experience many emotions in the lead up to full mobility, including frustration and disappointment. Their muscles are fatigued after a busy session of rolling and crawling so much so that they become irritated or annoyed when they can't reach for their toys. All this can add up to a bad day and a cranky, upset baby who needs reassurance and comfort! ie...more carrying...hugs and smiles to Jade!

little jade from above

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jade // Photo with her Ah-Yi

 my sis is back from Netherlands. And here's a teary photo of Jade with my sis and myself.
Jade playing with her brother's toy trains and tracks.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Jade // 6 months

6 months milestones
 flip onto her tummy, legs and arms splayed out like a little parachutist coming in to land
commando crawling, very unlike her brothers who wasn't into that at all.
Sitting upright unsupported are just a few of her little achievements.

She loves the sensation of putting her weight on her feet. I'll hold her under the armpits and bounce her up and down the floor and our bed for as long as my arms can take it. Just because I love to see her smiling to widely, grinning from ear to ear. Other than that, whenever her brothers get home from school, she will be "flapping" her arms like a bird, eagerly welcoming them home. Jules will be so happy to see her too...


Monday, June 12, 2017

YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow

My mum insisted on bringing the boys down to National Gallery to view Yayoi Kusama's works, who was a very famous artist well-loved for her iconic dots, pumpkins and infinity rooms. If I'm not wrong, I remembered reading an article on her where it was her art that kept her sanity and how she spend 40 years of her life in a mental hospital, doing art.

The boys enjoyed the colourful dots and mirrored floors. The queue to the exhibition has been well-received and weekends were always crowded and you probably have to queue for at least an hour before you can get into the gallery.

Exhibition runs from 9 Jun - 3 Sep 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Marina Bay Sands Saturday Staycation

Good Morning!
Breakfast at Beanstro. I had my usual egg benedicts and a cuppa coffee. Jules wanted to eat here because it's sitted next to the water fountain. He loves watching how the water swirls and splashes down. Is it therapeutic?

 above: Jules watching the water fountain.

 above: i think the both of them look so alike.
After breakfast, back to the hotel where the kids played on the bed and sofa bed. Had to push them real hard to change out and head to the swimming pool so that we will not hit into the afternoon sun.

 above: boys at the Infinity Pool.

 sigh...the boys get all the fun. I'm stuck here watching Jade.

 the quieter ends - heated jacuzzi. Jules kept asking us why this "swimming pool" is hot! Had to explain to him that it's a jacuzzi and not a pool. I tried to catch some Pokemons while the boys were in the pool but the reception was really bad!!!
 If you are here with kids, rem to bring some water and snacks for them!
Back to the hotel room to change the boys out and to shower them. Their uncle will be coming over soon cos tonight is his turn to stayover!

above: Trio watching Disney channel.

a staycation can be so fun for the kids and a "relief" for us to keep them occupied. Although I don't really like the idea of them watching so much TV, but it's just so easy for us to slouch on the bed watching them, watching tv.
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