Saturday, May 30, 2015

James - Walking at 15 months

Jules - Trunki

As we packed for our trip to Medan, the boys are packing for their weekend getaway at their respectives grandparents' place. From the photo, you can see that my son Jules is the least concern with clothes or diapers. The first item to go into this trunki is his automobiles.

While he packs his luggage, his little brother James overlooks.

Open your Mouths and say "AH"

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Project - DIY Box Crate in 2 tones

I love it that i have a helper now and i can start to do my DIY stuff! For this weekend, i've finally gotten the time to personalise my son's toy crate. I've painted the bottom in a tiffany blue colour block and sprayed painted his name on it. ok credits goes to my elder son and hubs who actually painted it and not me. hah!

They(son and hubs) both sat outside at my yard and did this project together.
And hubs was the one who cut out the letters. I only did the master-minding of the entire project and printed the letters.

see.. this is why I project manage.

 why stop at one when you can do so many when you have a helper. YAY!


hope you enjoyed this DIY post!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Boys at work

Jules came home and said he wanted a "big big" table and gestured it with his both arms wide open like he was going to hug somebody.

ok we get the point.
lucky thing we have a spare ikea table in the store room just for this kind of occasion.
Hub went to get it and the 2 boys helped to pass him the screws for the legs.

feeling tickled.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Month of May

Jules has learnt how to give the PEACE sign!
Month of May is such a busy month!

The first week, we celebrated my dad's 66th birthday at the SEA Aquarium (which i will back post once I get all my photos ready!)
The 2nd week, we celebrated Jules' birthday by granting his wish of sitting the cable car.
On the same day itself was Mother's day where we gifted both mummies with a tulip and card made by Jules.

3rd week will be my daddy-in-law's birthday
and the last week, we will be flying off to Medan to attend a wedding!!

how exciting this month is going to be!!!


Jules Turns 3 - Cable Car Ride

brain dead.
will post thoughts when i get the time.

Happy Birthday kiddo.

Things we bought for his third year birthday.
shopping cart in pink because they didn't have blue. hubs was abit hesitant about it
optimus prime turn car carrier from Mothercare which Jules said he liked.

Jules Turns 3!!! Lightning McQueen Hack

My parents bought a black forest cake for Jules and I improvised it by adding Jules' favourite toy cake at the moment - Lightning McQueen on top of it!!! Now it looks more like a customised feature cake. And when Jules saw the cake, he was SO SO EXCITED!!!!

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