Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Project - DIY Box Crate in 2 tones

I love it that i have a helper now and i can start to do my DIY stuff! For this weekend, i've finally gotten the time to personalise my son's toy crate. I've painted the bottom in a tiffany blue colour block and sprayed painted his name on it. ok credits goes to my elder son and hubs who actually painted it and not me. hah!

They(son and hubs) both sat outside at my yard and did this project together.
And hubs was the one who cut out the letters. I only did the master-minding of the entire project and printed the letters.

see.. this is why I project manage.

 why stop at one when you can do so many when you have a helper. YAY!


hope you enjoyed this DIY post!!!

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