Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pregnancy #2 - 7 Weeks (coming to 2 months now)

pls forgive my just-washed hair.
really unglamourous 
but I really want to take a photo of myself before i forget to ask hubs to do so.

Jules - Going Gai Gai (outing) - Visiting Auntie Suleen and Baby Valene

Very seldom I get a picture of the 2 of us together because usually I'm the one behind the lens, furiously snapping pictures of my son and hubs. So today I decided to let hubs take a few photos of me and Jules.

I really cherish these photos.

 Jules trying to take something out from my bag

and he has accomplished it! - a packet of tissue paper.

Jules - 13 months - Learning how to stack things

Jules @ 13 months - Holding onto the wall for Support

this is the uniqlo romper which i posted in my previous post that had the integrated "shorts" so it's a romper that doesn't look like a swimsuit that is high cut.

you know what i mean?



Jules - New romper from Uniqlo

Uniqlo Singapore is finally carrying baby wear!!! And we bought 3 new smashing romper from there.
here's one with Jules wearing, a bus cum car print romper with 2 front pockets and integrated "shorts".

Jules - Playing in his tent

we took out his tent from the store room over the weekend for him to play. So he was pretty excited about it. Here are some photos of Jule getting into the tent by himself.
 Jules raising his leg way up high just to get into the tent.
 and he is in!

 he hugs his lion for sweet!!!
but within seconds he dumped his lion out of the tent!! and because of his backward throw, the whole tent whished to one side like a big wind has blown across.

Jules somehow pushes his tent upright again but lion still remains outcast.

Jules - Climbing up the stairs in his GAP romper

Jules in his shirt romper from GAP. really cute and when he is wearing his shorts with this shirt romper, he looks so smart! i think it's a great idea to have shirt rompers for babies!!!

below are some photos take with him in his turquoise shorts but can't really see...sigh.
sometimes it's difficult to take photos of babies because they move so fast or you just don't have the time because you are carrying them.

here are more photos of my darling son sleeping...he's very tired from climbing up and down the cot.

Jules - Visiting Auntie Suleen

Here's baby Valene and Jules!
Valene is 4 months and Jules is 13 months.

Jules - In his rainbow romper

A very long day for Jules...he slept in the car after crying his heart out because he wanted my helper to carry him to sleep. And just about 10mins into sleeping, we reached our destination so he had to wake up again. Poor fella.

 Jules is eating a Heinz biscuit rusk from Aunty Kat.

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