Saturday, February 23, 2013


 he crawls to the wrapping paper stack...must be up to no good.
 and he pulls the stack of wrapping paper down!

and he crawls away.

Jules and his Shoulder Bag

Jules, bending down:  "look ma, you left your wallet on the floor...."
 Jules thinking and looking at my wallet... "I think there's money inside to buy me milk powder..."

Jules: "Maybe i take a little peek..." opps..mummy is coming.

 i walked up to Jules: He puts the wallet aside innocently..."Ma..your wallet is there..."

 Jules holding onto his growling tummy... "shucks I should have taken the money..."

Jules - Smiling in his car seat

this little man is finally getting use to the car seat. 
But for days when he is really sleepy, he will whine and wants to get off.
If i can squeeze myself into the seat, I would really want to try it, to know whether is it comfy or damn uncomfortable because it took Jules so long to get use to it.

even till now. 
bad days, he will cry and cry to be out of the seat.

Lunch at Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade Yu Sheng 鱼生.
Their Yu Sheng has no green! Totally no speck of green can be found in this dish. I thought there were suppose to have some cucumber shreds and green pickled thingy yah?
But at Crystal Jade it's totally being replaced by fried taro strips and carrot.

The taste was ok.
But I still miss the crunchiness of a cucumber.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hub's birthday celebration

initial photos from my iphone where there isn't an auto focus!!! And i didn't focus so it's blurred!!! shucks.

This is the first birthday that Jules is celebrating with us! Hubs still worked on his birthday but we went to crystal jade for a celebratory dinner and I bought a mango cheesecake from Breadtalk.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jules - Whatever you can do, I can do better!

Jules' MESS.
 hubs trying to talk to Jules.
 then hubs kanna whacked by a wooden block ..Jules' way of saying "I LOVE YOU" at this moment.
 hubs' making a face to say..."Thank you very much..."
Jules' following his dad with a face - his way of saying "YOU ARE MOST WELCOME"

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jules - Back from visiting

Jules back from his visiting trips to relatives' places.
Hubs is giving him a manicure now before we leave for our holiday and no one will be able to cut his nails.  Or rather nobody dares to cut his nails....sheesh.

anyway i think he secretly likes to have his nails cut by his dad.

Jules - YAWNS


Jules - Hello Good Morning Singapore!

Jules is officially 9 months old!
weighing 9 kgs
height: 76 cm

 Jules in his MUJI pajamas.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jules - Demanding his way

8 months old and he knows how to pull, struggle and climb his way up to his daddy to see the ipad.
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