Monday, July 28, 2014

July 2014 version - The 3 boys on the bed

Jules at Vivocity roof top water play area

Monday night activities on bed

 BOYS! let's do the push ups!

Gardens by the Bay - Part 1

I owe the kids a family day out.*guilty* Ever since we started our freelance reno thingy, we haven't had much of a family outing at all. So this long weekend, I decided to bring Jules and James to our public garden for a scoot and carry.

 Jules on his scooter
 me and my boys
James in his 5th month now.
All chubby and wobbly.
And always full of smiles for everyone.

hubs and Jules.
we are actually looking for a place to have our brunch.
 James with finger in his mouth: hmm...mummy i think we have gone the wrong way.
 James moving his head his finger is poking his chubby cheeks.

James, squinting in the bright sunny day..."i really dunno why mama like to bring us to such hot places...first it was the bird park, now it's the plant park...."

 Jules puffing his cheeks

stay tune for Part II where Jules goes to the Children's play area for some wet fun!

Gardens by the Bay - Part II

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