Sunday, July 20, 2014

Korean Hotpot - Army Stew (Budaejjigae)

Budgaejjieae or Army Stew as it is more commonly know originates during war times when food were scarce. Its like a hotpot korean style where you can find all sorts of ingredients in it, like throwing all the leftovers in and boil. Koreans in the past uses leftover food from the US Army so that explains the SPAM luncheon, sausages and baked beans that is found in all army stew.

For us, to save money and not eat at a korean restaurant. WE dashed to our local supermart and bought veggie, sausages, frozen stripes of beef and pork, tofu, 1 packet of shimeji mushrooms and 1 packet of kimchi! And we threw in our packet of SHIN korean ramen!!!

it tasted just as good as the restaurant's.
and way cheaper.

 the boys enjoying their hotpot soup.

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