Thursday, August 31, 2017

Danang Day 5 - A beautiful day at the beach

Love the japanese miso soup here because i can add soft silky tofu, seaweed and prawns as much as I like. Plus their vietnamese coffee here is really solid.
 above: Jules making a track with fork and spoons for his car
 hubs is constantly on the phone or whatsapping on a holiday.

Here at Melia Danang Resorts, all guests has a conical vietnamese hat in their wardrobe. So I let James play with it.

Off we went to the beach after our breakfast. The waters here are super clear and the waves are quite gentle. The boys had loads of fun here chasing after the waves. Jules tried snorkeling while James just run after his brother. At the end of the day, all of us were sunburnt even though we slapped on tons of sunblock.

 above: break for lunch. ate at the hotel. too lazy to go anywhere.
For the 4 of us, we had calamari, nasi goreng, carbonara, strawberry smoothie and ice coffee. Total bill came up to $900k viet dong. Anyway we are almost towards the end of our holiday and we still had quite a fair bit of money left, so might as well eat up a good one!

above: soon it was evening time and they boys enjoyed drawing things on the sand and guessing after one another's drawing.

 above: 1 long island tea, 1 cosmopolitan and 1 whiskey on the rocks costs us $531k viet dong

After James fell asleep, we told Jules that we were going downstairs for a drink and told him that he could watch some telly to entertain himself. Omg...i finally had the chance to go to a bar and have a glass of alcoholic drink on the last night of my holiday!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Danang Day 4 - Back to the Beach

Our 2nd stay along the Beach is at Melia Danang which is located at Non Nuoc Beach. Check in time was 3pm and we arrived about 1pm. So we had a quick dip at the pool, suntanned, the boys ate their snacks...and 3pm arrived!

Upon checking in, the boys exclaimed where were their bunk beds??? I just told them for the next 2 nights, they will need to sleep with us on the same bed. James went "oh..."

Dinner at Cape Nao. Pricey but tastes ok. We were too tired to venture out of the beach resort. Quite a few of the guests had their dinner here too. So i guess many are like us...too lazy to go out.
We ordered BBQ sting ray, carbonara, BBQ clams and meat on skewers. Hubs and I still preferred the way stingray is cooked back home. Somehow it tastes much nicer back home.

Our seafood bill came up to $1million viet dong! hahaha...WOW. Ban Me was so much cheaper!!!
The boys ate the carbonara and the huge clams. After dinner we walked along the beach and the boys and us sat on the bean bags which was provided by the restaurant. We sat there for awhile before we retreated back to our room to rest.

Danang Day 4 - Moving back to the Beach

Morning Breakfast at Mercure Bana Hills. It has a wider variety of food compared to Fusion Suites Danang. But the eggs serving counter was super slow. And I was very very pissed with their service. I ordered for an egg omelette and wait for quite some time before the server told me to come back in 5 mins. So I went back in 5 mins and he told me that it wasn't ready!!!

I was so fed up that I told hubs about it so he went to queue and he told me that those people who queued for their eggs were all served!!! What kind of service is this? DISCRIMINATION?

And I thought Mercure Hotels had wonderful service. Spoiled my entire morning. But I decided to put it aside and enjoy the rest of my time with the boys at Bana Hills before we check out in the afternoon.

above: photos of me and my boys!

Bana Hills is very quiet in the morning when the tourists are not here yet.

Brought the boys back to the games arcade for another round of play before hubs and myself collected our free beer!


Checking out was pretty easy and the staff helped us with the luggage all the way down to the foot of Bana Hills. While in the cable car, I requested for the staff to help us take a family photo. :)

above: part of the cable car journey ride was through the clouds where we couldn't see a thing!
Bana Hills is really quite high up even though they call it a "hill".

Took a cab from Bana Hills down to our next Beach Resort at Non Nuoc, called Melia Danang. Our cab ride was about $500k viet dong.
ritey. will post about our 2nd half of our Danang trip in the next post.
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