Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jules - 8 months and registering at Nanyang Kindergarten

it was a lazy day for me and hubs (wj). not wanting to go anywhere. just wanted to laze around and the weather was perfect. or actual fact is that the both of us were really tired.

we both took 1 day of childcare leave today, not because Jules turns 8 months. But the fact was today was the big day for registration on waiting list at Nanyang Kindergarten!

So last night wj was queueing at its gates around 12 midnight where he told me that there were like almost 20 person already in front of him. Daddy was really nice and brought wj a big mac around 2am. and my mum woke up to find my dad missing!!! haha! so she called wj and wj told my dad about him daddy went " oh dear then i better get back home!"

guess my daddy was feeling bad for wj..and wanted to do something for his grandson (jules) too!
there were quite a few young people in the front...needless to say, i think these people were paid to queue. Then wj also said there was a big merc that drove by and drop a maid too and made her wait till morning.
then there was a pair of grandparents too...whole night there waiting together, in hopes of getting their grandchild into this nursery. so poor thing.

wj was there the entire night or morning i should say... till the gates opened at 8am. He managed to get a queue number for Jules but we are not sure of his chances of getting into this popular nursery till June 2015.

wj was like a zombie when he got back at about 930am.
and i didn't have a good night's sleep because i was tossing and turning too.

so after wj had a morning's sleep of about half hour, we put Jules at my dad's place, went to complain at Star Cruise Headquarters and then went back to fetch Jules. Drove down to The Grandstand and parked ourselves at Good Morning Nanyang Coffee.

hope you get into Nanyang Kindergarten Jules!

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