Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jules - Chilled Teether with water

I bought this pigeon teether from NTUC. I read somewhere on the internet that chilled teethers might provide some relief to babies who are teething. And all my teethers are quite hard, so I thought I try this one instead where it has water mass in it for chilling it in the fridge and it has 2 types of hardness to it.

i guess every baby is different.
after about 1 min flat, he throws it on the floor.
my guess is that he still prefers his hard rubbery tommy tippee teether that is shaped like an ice cream cone.

Good news is that so far he hasn't much trouble with teething and his 4 teeth all came out within a span of 3 weeks which I think it's super fast! it's like one min he has no tooth and next moment he has 4!

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