Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jules #57 - SOUND ASLEEP

Jules at 21 days old.

Jules #59 - Fetal Position Sleep

ahren + she-orh-orh making sure Jules is safe and sound asleep.

Jules #58 - Baby Shower Preparations

It's approximately 10 days to Jules Baby Shower!!! 
and I'm feeling excited and slightly stressed because Confinement Lady will be leaving before the Baby shower which means that i have to prepare everything before she leaves so that i can look after Jules once she is gone.

I've finally decided on my Baby Shower Theme - Nursery Rhymes and Bedtime stories...everything to do with books and literature!

Star picks for my sandwiches...
I've chosen to use magazine papers to make these a 'reading' theme to it.
Party Favours: 
Some flags to add to my paperboat to thank my guests for coming.

Full Month Shower Cake Flags
I'm going to add these cutezy flags which i have printed with my printer to my cake. It's going to be a 'castle cake!'

and what's a party without food tags?
I've made my food tags from paperbags as their paper is heavier in weight and sturdier. I've printed the food tags along with their names and associated Nursery Rhymes to amuse my guests.
 There's so much more things to prepare and it's already tuesday!!! 4 more days to go!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jules #56 - Scrapbooking

I admit that I like most stuff that can be found in PaperMarket. But sometimes i find that their things are quite expensive! So I rather buy similar items from Daiso or even pay more attention to the mailers which i get from my letterbox. Those postcards from Dorothy Perkins, TOPSHOP, CLUB21 are really fabulous in their colours and graphic prints which can be used for scrapbooking too!

Jules' one month shower party is approaching soon...
In preparation for that, i've decided to do a photoframe scrapbook. And I'm proud to say that nothing is bought from PaperMarket!!!

Mostly are from Daiso or scraps of paper which i tore from a Magazine.
If the little bunting was leftover from the hot air balloons which i made the last time.
Little windmills are also self made from magazine papers.
Dolly is from my baking leftovers and some felt and lace are from Daiso again!

took me 2 evenings to visualize the entire collage and I wanted it to be 3 Dimensional too, so it had to be in many 'layers' which took a bit of planning as to which paper or fabric to be put first.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the overall result!

Jules' little scrapbook frame for his Baby Shower

Jules #55 - Elephant Romper

Jules at 20 days old.
Weighing 3.4 kgs

Monday, May 28, 2012

Jules #55 - Little baby

yes Jules, to prevent you from scratching your chubby little checks with your fingers, we can only wrap you up like a Nonya Dumpling.

Jules #54 - 4 seconds attention span

oh look look! Jules is being captivated by our hanging Black and White Mobile...which is currently not in the photo. But who cares right, it's the baby that we want to capture here. See how his gaze is looking upwards?
4 seconds later. YAWN.
Great...that's how long our son's attention span is.

After YAWN.
and his eyes are back at the mobile again!!!
Jules notices Mummy taking photos of him.

Jules #53 - Letters woven in Yarn

Just for you:  Warren Jules

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jules - Preparation for Baby Shower

typing invites on an old fashioned typewriter.

Jules #52 - Crocs

Look Jules, Grandpa has bought a pair of crocs for you all the way from eastern europe!!! Just be patient 2 years time you can wear it. If it is still in fashion. Or maybe it will be retrolicious!!!

the elders always like to buy one size bigger.

Jules #51 - Black and White Doodles

Babies tend to see better in contrasting colours especially Black and white (and Red) so here's me doing some doodles for Jules to be entertained when he wakes up from his sleep.

Read online that: 
high-contrast colors will captivate and hold baby’s attention, encouraging visual development as well as physical activity – like wiggling, kicking, and arm waving.

So here are our latest DIY stuff!

Paper plates with Mummy and Daddy's faces


Paper Plate mobiles with different shapes

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jules #50

Did I ever mention that Jules' daddy loves to burp him even though the little fella hasn't gotten a feed yet? He just simply love his burping cute sound.

Jules #49 - Crybaby

Jules has just woken up from his sleep and is crying for his next feed. Auntie says to bathe him first before we feed him, so it's up to us now to keep him occupied for the next few minutes while auntie prepares his tub and clothes.
 Oh! it's not so bad...Jules already pacifying himself with his mitten, actual fact i think he's trying to get his fist into his mouth again...
Ritey, Jules knows that his not getting his feed anytime soon and is pretty much out of patient and frowning.  Yup like they all say, babies are very smart even though their brain size is quite small.

Jules #48 - Baby Bonus Acct

also known as the Child Development Account.

Jules' daddy has just opened an account for him and this is Jules' first ATM card but you can't draw money out from the ATM.

Hmm, currently it's empty but don't worry baby, Grandma is going to donate a little something for you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jules #47 - Series of wide eyed Jules

 quick go to sleep!! i need to eat my dinner now Jules...

this is a one off evening where after his feed he refuses to sleep, i think he knows that his daddy is not at home! 
Jules' Daddy, stop your overtime and get your butt home to see your son.

Jules #46 - Hair Growth

Jules at 14 days old. my hair growing at all???

Jules #45 - How to establish good baby sleep habits

Here's Jules WIDE AWAKE when he is suppose to be sleeping!!!

on how to

How to establish good baby sleep habits

once your baby is about 2 weeks old, you can start teaching him to distinguish night from day.

When he's alert and awake during the day, interact with him as much as you can, keep the house and his room light and bright, and don't worry about minimizing regular daytime noises like the phone, music, or dishwasher. If he tends to sleep through feedings, wake him up.

At night, don't play with him when he wakes up. Keep the lights and noise level low, and don't spend too much time talking to him. Before long he should begin to figure out that nighttime is for sleeping.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jules #44 - Choo Choo Romper

Jules at 13 days old

and he's wearing his smashing "Choo Choo Train" romper.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jules #43 - SMIRKY look

Jules at 12 days old
Watching him sleep is the most beautiful and precious thing
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