Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 8 after delivery

I didn't have any milk production for the first 4 days after my delivery and i was pretty upset. I tried to relax and drink lots of fluids like soup, longan red dates and even the lactating formula.

and i was trying the electric pump every 3 hours...sigh

it was until the 5th day when one of my gal pal came over to take a look and pulled me into the ladies and have a look at my breasts...and she told me that i had blocked ducts and pushed real hard at the sides of my breasts and squish! a tiny droplet of milk came out!!!!

so she told my confinement auntie to massage for me that night before i tried to pump any milk out.

that night i managed to express only 10ml from both breasts.

it's now Day 8 after my delivery and i'm proud to say i can express out 50ml now!!!!


hopefully in time to come, i can express more out for Jules as now he's still on both breast milk and formula for supplement.

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