Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

 To all Mummys and Grand Mummies and Great Grand Mummies...

A Wonderful Happy Mother's Day.
This year I really didn't expect to be a mummy by Mother's Day!!! Truly i even booked a table for mummy to celebrate Mother's day lunch with her and i even bought and wrapped a present for her!

So it was truly unexpected that i had an early delivery and i celebrated Mother's Day just one day after I checked out of the hospital. Although I'm a little immobile at the moment, but my parents were so thoughtful to buy a cake and came over to our place to celebrate with us!

mummy was 'whining that she missed her celebratory lunch...and that we need to make it up to her...which i said ok of course! She asked when...FATHER'S DAY lah!

keke...and hubs will get a chance to celebrate too!!!

daddy still calls himself uncle...when he carries Jules...
he goes:  
come come let uncle carry you...aiyah...sorry sorry, let grandpa carry you.

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