Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jules #2 - Delivery

9 May (1030am - 6pm): 
I was on MC for 3 days due to a flu virus and was having blocked nose and a serious cough with lots of deadly phlegm. Late in the afternoon, I What's App hubs to tell him that i was having some contractions and only happens when i stood up, when i was sitting down on the couch resting, i was fine.
So i told him not to worry, probably it was braxton hicks since it was not regular = false labour.

Dad and Mum came to bring me for a McDonald's breakfast and i told them about the contractions as i waddled myself to the car. Walking was abit painful for me then...

Hubs came home and we went to Alexandra Village for some seafood because i felt like eating seafood after watching 世界那麼大 , they were showing so much 'live' seafood!! SLURPS! So we ordered stingray and squids and a plate of we ate, i was telling hubs about my false labour the afternoon and hubs still can joked:  
haha... maybe this will be your last meal before you go into the slaughter house!

10 May (around midnight)
I was feeling the "Braxton hicks" again. Told hubs and i decided to sleep it off, thinking " this is how it feels like..die, tomorrow must go to work already, how to tahan this kind of menstrual cramp and work at the same time???"

Hubs told me to see how, probably just take leave all the way and wait till delivery. So i said ok and he went to work on his laptop beside me in bed while i snooze away.

10 May (4am)
I started to have contractions again...hubs just went to bed only and so noticed that i kept frequently going to the toilet. He asked me whether is it my waterbag burst but i said no and that i was relieving myself from the pressure of the contraction. I was quite sure i hadn't burst my waterbag although hmm...maybe the contractions did make me feel abit blur about it. Anyhow, hubs called gynae and insisted that i had burst my waterbag...gynae said to come into the hospital. i was so unsure and didn't want to have a false labour, admit to hospital then wait have charges and cost me unnecessary i told him i will wait for hubs started tracking my contractions...and one hour later (5am), he told me that i was almost having a contraction every 5 mins!!! I said...erm...ok then i go shower first...hoping to buy time and wait till the contraction stop.

But it didn't.

so i told myself who am i kidding...better go to the hospital!

10 May (6am) Admission
I reached Mt Elizabeth and walked all the way to the delivery suite instead of being wheelchaired because i rejected it. shucks so silly when i think about it now!!!
The nurse on duty (Tho) was so nice, saw me and quickly attended to me and asked me to lie down and gave me a cup to pee. Then i saw i had some bloody show in my pee!!! OMG!
Then she checked me and i was 4cm dilated! 
Nurse said since it was my first labour, i still have 6cm to go so means 6hours to 1pm!! I might become a mother in the afternoon!!!
Soon gynae arrived, in fact she said she reached the hospital earlier than us! And asked us how come we are so slow, so i said that i took one hour to decide whether to come in or not...then she said i was a silly girl!!! Just come in if there's any pain! So she checked me and i was 7cm dilated!!! OMG!!! and the Anesthetist wasn't even here yet.
This sent all the nurses on shift on a frenzy because i dilated 3 cm in half hour...and everyone came to aid. Another nurse put me on IV drip, another gave me something to poo, and afterwhich another nurse gave me a pee bag and she exclaimed : OMG! i can see the crowning!

10 May (755am) Delivery
I delivered my first newborn - 

Warren Jules Goh at 07:55 AM, 3.1kg, 50cm long and head circumference 33cm.
Al natural.

this was me at 6am...and 1h 55mins, Jules was borne into this world.

Hubs had the gracing ceremony - cutting of the umbilical cord and Jules was crying for all his might

After weight and length was taken, a little footprint was stamped for remembrance!

see his little blue print foot?

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