Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Shower Inspirations

if you love the pom poms you see here, there's a DIY on Martha Stewart's website!
Here's how!  Click!
 gorgeous looking cupcakes!!! Hopefully i can get someone to make them for my baby shower!
Cakes, Pastries and all things sweet and nice! Plus finger food always looks so pretty together with some table decorations.

Planning Ahead
I've been browsing online for baby shower themes of late...thinking it's just about one month's time away.
Want to do a really pretty one for our baby son!
Hubs wants to do ala carte one instead of catering, which is good in a way thus i can plan for the finger foods to be done to my taste and decoration!!!

Lately, all the cupcakes and muffins looks so pretty, wondering whether my friend can whip up some for our son's baby shower!

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