Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jules #33 - "A" for aeroplane

Today was a rough day for me.
I had planned to visit the paedi tomorrow afternoon, thus i cancelled my Jamu session.

This morning the Paedi's clinic called wanted me to come in to check on Jules' jaundice level. I told her whether can i come in the afternoon as hubs has just gone to work.

she said ok. i put my phone down. quickly i had to reschedule my this afternoon's jamu!!!
1 minute later, she called back and said
"the phototherapy bed will be returned today right, so you need to come in this morning and have his blood level checked."

" But my husband has gone to work..."
" You can't come here on your own by taxi? "

... i'm on confinement, just had my stitches done, you want me to bring a baby bag and a baby by myself???!!!!...

"i'll try"
"ok, you better come before 1pm"

Frantic, i called hubs and hubs told me to get daddy to bring me to the clinic which daddy quickly said ok.
10am, ringing at the gate...

"daddy?" i made my way to the gate.
it was an uncle and he wanted to take the photo-therapy bed away. Then i said but the lady over the phone said that you will take it at noon! I have to go to the clinic now and have my baby's blood level checked before i know whether can you take the bed away or not. If the level high, then how uncle??? i got to call you guys back again. Uncle said he want to charge us extra!!! whatever!

Quarreled with uncle very long until he gave up and left.

after that i went into the house. Emotionally driven and mad.
i burst into tears.


  1. argh! why the paedi clinic people so irritating and inconsiderate!! *big hugs* hope you're feeling better! your little boy is so adorable!

  2. YES! i was so angry with the bed rental people, i thought that they were quite insensitive. Anyway what's past is past, if they want to charge for their extra trip and that extra few hours which they consider a day, then so be it.
    Lucky thing is that his jaundice level has gone down!!! :)
    Thanks for your encouragement PL!


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