Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pregnancy #47 - Movenpick Hotel Room

Movenpick Hotel Room
Basically, we are quite satisfied with the room facilities, although if it came with complimentary free Wi-Fi would be even better but no, internet access is chargeable...sadness.

The room was relatively new...why i say this was because the interior and bathroom looks pretty new, however there was tear on our bedsheets and the desk chair was stained. For the bathroom area, the vanity countertop also had stains on it, the free standing bath-tub had water leaking out when we filled it with water. So it's not completely perfect.

The plus items were the bathroom was fitted with a LED extendable mirror for ladies which was very useful when putting on our make-up, the drawer had a hair blower, the dim sum stack has loads of toiletries...however i don't understand why they only provide 1 number of shower gel, shampoo and moisturiser! It's not enough for two especially the bottle is so small!!!
King size bed with plush pillows!
Yes! we are happy with the complimentary Nespresso and TWG

Pregnancy #49 - Resorts World Malaysian Hawker

Malaysian Hawker Fare 
There is a quite a wide variety of Malaysian food here and at affordable prices too! One would think that it's situated just beside Universal Studio theme park, the food prices here must be exorbitant but hey no! Wanton mee here is only $4.50!

I'm not sure how authentic the food flavour here but it was pretty crowded at 3pm and the food that we bought tasted somewhat right.

Lor Bak which we called Ngor Hiang in SG
We tried the Penang Ah Long Lor Bak which was fried until hot and cripsy, it was meat was tender and marinated with five spice powder and rolled in soya bean sheets. Hubs bought the cripsy prawn crackers which were so different from the SG version and sorry to say, we prefer the SG version!!!
They have a set which goes for $8++  or you can go ala carte too which we did here.
Hokkien Mee in dark sweet sauce
Next on our food list is KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee claimed to have their recipe perfected over 30 years!!!! Their noodles is reknowned for its dark sauce that infuses the noodles with a fragrant aroma and paired with cabbage and pork or was it chicken??? it was so dark that i couldnt really figure it out! Nevertheless, it still commands a queue here and the waiting time was 30mins!

Dessert time!
Pulut Hitam

After 2 main dishes, we end our meals with a try at the dessert stall! Sweet and happiness!!! The famous Penang Chendol conjured up with fresh green chendol jelly, sweetened red beans (really huge) on shaved ice and drizzled with gula melaka...not bad! But I'm sure there are equally good chendols out there at our SG hawker stalls too!!!

If you thought the Chendol was good, wait till you try the black glutinous rice! It's really thick and full of flavour!!! I likey this one alot!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pregnancy #38 - Ironing

While hubs is busy with his own arts and craft, i'm ironing my fabric here for my next DIY project!

Pregnancy #37 - Cloud making

Every cloud has its silver lining....
hubs is making cloud templates for me!!! You must be wondering why do i need clouds...*hee hee*
wait till you see my next DIY baby project!!!

Pregnancy #36 - Comparing Waists

and he has met his match!

Pregnancy #35 - 30 weeks

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pregnancy #33 - Fabric Birdie Mobile

pieces of fabric left from the bunting
after sewing the pieces of fabric together,
next i'm going to put stuffing in them!
Saw this amazing bird fabric mobile online which some mothers are making and i wanna make one too!!!

Pregnancy #32- Buntings

Remember i did a bunting lately?
Well here are more photos of it showing its full lenth! Almost 2 metres!
I'm hanging it in the living room first before the baby cot is ready then i shall move it there....


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pregnancy #31- Bibs and Burp Cloths

Matching Bibs and Burp Cloth
my nesting period is here and i'm all choo-choo going about sewing and preparing new items for our newborn!

here's me trying out on a baby's bib and matching burp cloth which was super easy compared to the bib!!! And i even sew a ribbon tag on the burp cloth so that we can hang it dry.

and ahren was patiently sitting by the sewing machine while i was working away...felt a little i decided to sew a mini bib for him too!!!

ta-da! >>> matching bib and burp cloth!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pregnancy #30- Baby tee!

one of my gal pals in the office just came back from Hong Kong and look what she has gifted our little baby!!!

a smashing "Shopping" baby tee!!!

so cute!

thanks Munchie!!!!

you are so going to be his godma!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pregnancy #29- Another present!

what's this!!!

found it on my table on monday morning at work. it was another gift from one of colleagues!!!


thanks dear suleen!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pregnancy #28- Off to a birthday party

that's me in my smashing new red shoes!!! I'm so excited with my new red shoes - cos it's flats and i'm having a hard time deciding what to wear since i used to have heels when i wasn't preggy.

then there's hubs pouting...and looking all so handsome-ly in his blue tee and shades!

and we reached the party!!! after a row of sumptous catered food, everyone gathered to the table, sang a birthday song and cut the 2 tier "Sesame Street" theme cake! The whole party was themed in Sesame Street!

The cake was simply delicious from Pine Gardens.
The top tier was black forest for the kids while the bottom tier was the alcoholic lychee martini for the parents. SHUCKS. i only get to eat the Black forest one but it was still very moist and totally scrumptious!!!

we had a really swell time!

happy birthday nessa!
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