Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pregnancy #28- Off to a birthday party

that's me in my smashing new red shoes!!! I'm so excited with my new red shoes - cos it's flats and i'm having a hard time deciding what to wear since i used to have heels when i wasn't preggy.

then there's hubs pouting...and looking all so handsome-ly in his blue tee and shades!

and we reached the party!!! after a row of sumptous catered food, everyone gathered to the table, sang a birthday song and cut the 2 tier "Sesame Street" theme cake! The whole party was themed in Sesame Street!

The cake was simply delicious from Pine Gardens.
The top tier was black forest for the kids while the bottom tier was the alcoholic lychee martini for the parents. SHUCKS. i only get to eat the Black forest one but it was still very moist and totally scrumptious!!!

we had a really swell time!

happy birthday nessa!

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