Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pregnancy #22 - Prenatal Classes - YOGA!

today is our first prenatal session at Mount Elizabeth and after 1 hour of informative slides, the other hour is to the yoga mats!

we are learning the basic steps of yoga stretching for preggers and they are very useful for prepping yourself before labour.

there are a series of yoga steps, here's what we learnt!
1) Tailor sitting
2) Squatting
3) Pelvic rocking
4) Cats
5) Belly dance
6) Twisting
7) Pelvic floor exercise

so mummys! if you want to have a smooth delivery, make sure you do your yoga stretches so that you will be flexible when it's time to flex those muscles down there!!!

as you can see, im having a very confused time here!

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