Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Jules and James // school excursion

Jules is going to Resort World SEA Aquarium while James is off to Marina Barrage as their school term theme is Sea Creatures and Changing Weather respectively.

Hopefully I get some excursion photos from the whatsapp group chat later...

Friday, October 6, 2017

Jules - Sea Creatures Under the Ocean Project

will post more photos when i get the chance as I have tons of the process photos in my mobile.

Jules did the paper octupus. He and James helped to paint the turtles, crabs and jellyfish which were made from egg crates. The jellyfish legs were used plastic bags. 

The paper plate whale was done by hubs with Jules painting it. The water sprout is by ME! heeheee

The star fishes and coral were done by Jules and James while I helped to baked them.

Submarine is totally by Jules himself. So kudos to his pretty artwork!!! 

and the box is made from James' diaper carton. hahaha

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jade // tooth coming out!!

OMG, my little baby's bottom 2 teeth are coming out. and i really love her bogai smiles...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Jade // 9 months old

Although she is still toothless but i'm cherishing all her toothless, gummy moments! I think when she smiles so sweetly without teeth can be even more attractive! She loves her 2 brothers ever so dearly and crawls excitedly towards them when they finished school. She is learning how to clap her both hands together. She enjoys listening to us reading bedtime story books to her. Together with hubs, myself and Jade, we form the letter "H" with her in the middle every night when we are all fast asleep.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jade - Baby Headbands

I saw this Accessory shop at Harbourfront Centre where they sold 2 baby headbands for $5.
where do you buy yours?

Jade // Funny face

Jade tries to suck her cheeks in now and then. Sure looks funny! and I remembered both James and Jules had this phase too...and Jules looked like Lord Voldermort when he did it when he was a baby.

Jules and Jade - Sibling Love

Couldn't get a sharp focus on the both of them. But lately, elder brother Jules has started to carry Jade!! and very often he will make the first move to hug her, kiss her and even try to move her around.

WAHT TO BUY FOR 5 YEAR OLD BOYS - Transformers Combiner force

In order to encourage more play and less video, I promised Jules that I will buy him his Transformer Combiner Force. Apparently his classmate Caleb has one and brought it to school to show to his friends...and Jules also wanted one.

So when we purchased one each for both Jules and James, they were very excited over their new toy, especially it's 2 robots that can combine into 1. 2 weeks has passed now, and I'm happy to say that he doesn't watch videos before bedtime now!!!

so money well spent.
And if you are wondering what to buy for 5 year old boys, this is something that they might love.

Boys - Make believed walkie talkie from LEGO!

Jules made a pair of walkie talkie and handphone for himself and James to play!
How ingenious!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Danang Day 6 - Goodbye Danang and Hoi An

Lunch at Miss Ly Cafe.
Ordered their famous white rose, cao lua (thick rice noodle with barbecued pork, fresh greens and fried shallots) and 1 can of beer for us and 1 watermelon juice for the boys as they were so hot under the sunny weather.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Danang Day 5 - A beautiful day at the beach

Love the japanese miso soup here because i can add soft silky tofu, seaweed and prawns as much as I like. Plus their vietnamese coffee here is really solid.
 above: Jules making a track with fork and spoons for his car
 hubs is constantly on the phone or whatsapping on a holiday.

Here at Melia Danang Resorts, all guests has a conical vietnamese hat in their wardrobe. So I let James play with it.

Off we went to the beach after our breakfast. The waters here are super clear and the waves are quite gentle. The boys had loads of fun here chasing after the waves. Jules tried snorkeling while James just run after his brother. At the end of the day, all of us were sunburnt even though we slapped on tons of sunblock.

 above: break for lunch. ate at the hotel. too lazy to go anywhere.
For the 4 of us, we had calamari, nasi goreng, carbonara, strawberry smoothie and ice coffee. Total bill came up to $900k viet dong. Anyway we are almost towards the end of our holiday and we still had quite a fair bit of money left, so might as well eat up a good one!

above: soon it was evening time and they boys enjoyed drawing things on the sand and guessing after one another's drawing.

 above: 1 long island tea, 1 cosmopolitan and 1 whiskey on the rocks costs us $531k viet dong

After James fell asleep, we told Jules that we were going downstairs for a drink and told him that he could watch some telly to entertain himself. Omg...i finally had the chance to go to a bar and have a glass of alcoholic drink on the last night of my holiday!!!
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