Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year's Eve Eve - At Joelle's Place (Interlace)

i've always wanted to see the insides of Interlace by the reknown OMA. But more importantly is to catch up with  my 2 bestest university friends.
 above: my watermelon salad!
above: yummy cheese breadsticks which I bought from Marks and Spencer.
My son Jules loves it so much that he kept on eating it,

 hubs and kids eating the mushroom soup first. My friend joelle was smart enough to tabao chicken rice for her 2 sons as well as mine.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day

 above: Lego - christmas gift from Godma
above: Jules and James received a telescope and binoculars for Christmas from their grandparents.

Jules was brought to his first movie by his grandparents on Christmas day. They were going to watch Paddington Bear. Jules was beaming from ear to ear after he alight from our car to join his grandparents, whereas James was almost close to tears.

So to cheer him up, we brought him to catch pokemons with us and to McDonalds to get him a soft serve. I was quite happy that we caught quite a few Wailmers!

That's pretty much it.
Our christmas.

Happy Hols to everyone!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Home@Stirling - Christmas Eve

 above: Jules make believe that he is a techie guy with 2 laptops... James always the nice one...listens to his brother yapping away like some expert. Jade looks on her 2 brothers with little interest.

 In case you are wondering, I bought Jade's santarina dress from Qoo10, a shop called Homie.
 I think my little jade makes drinking water so yummy!

Soon, the whole extended family arrives - grandparents from both sides of the family, cousin, helper and siblings.

YAY! my set up of party cube cheese, baked veggies on top of spinach leaves...the dressing is all DIY, really easy - 1 tablespooon of olive oil, vingar, 4 tablespoons of sugar, salt and pepper. Yup.
 my seafood stew

 above: hubs thirst quencher - salty lemon 7-up

 above: james pretending to be a prawn.

 hubs cutting up the roast beef first.
here's what I bought from Cold storage, self collected at 12noon... Roast beef, game hen, sausages and honey baked ham. It was a sumptous feast!

 the roast beef was actually really nice...

 and it was present giving time.

 Jules...wanted to take a photo of all his christmas presents.

my dad bought the kids a tepee... and both my dad and hubs set up the tent for the boys to sleep overnight in the living room. But it didn't happen...because Jules complained that James talked too much before sleep and that they didn't have enough leg room to stretch their legs and hands.

spoilt in short.
 Jade playing peek-a-boo with the window

 as you can see, she is just as excited with the tent like her 2 brothers.

last but not least. something from hubs. thank you darling. 
a much needed wallet.
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