Sunday, April 3, 2016

Family Matters the Most

Every year when i make a wish during my birthday. it's not to strike toto (I don't even buy them in the first place, hahah) or make more money or have big bonuses but to wish for everyone in my family the best of health and be truly happy all the time.

there are many things in life which can weigh you down. Things which make you feel lost and hopeless. But when there's someone to hold you, give you courage and lead you the way. You are not alone.

Hold onto the things that matter most to you and be happy!

I hope everyone's birthday wishes come true for them.


Dining at Bistro Du Vin (River Valley)

Free flow of bread which was warm and crusty. So much till Jules overate and vomitted out at later part of the dinner onto hubs' pants.

 Little man! how can you eat at a fancy restaurant with one leg up on the chair!!!

 everyone is waiting for their food to arrive
we ordered beef cheek braised in red wine served in a cast iron pot (keeping it hot all the time), lamb shank in white wine with juicy cherry tomatoes and duck leg confit.

I love their mashed potatoes. really yummy.

we didn't order any desserts because we are going home to cut my birthday cake!

 Family Photo!!! - My parents, us and Jules and James
 do you see the similarity? Boys in stripes and Their love for MEAT!

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