Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's my birthday and My first visit to 海底捞

It's my birthday today!! and I've left the boys at my in-laws to have a celebratory lunch at Hai Di Lao with hubs. When we arrived, we were give seats to sit, a tray of tidbits and some drinks to settle ourselves. As we arrived pretty early at 11am, we didn't have to wait long before we got a table to ourselves.

We chose the 4 types of soup - tomato (my favourite), chicken stock, mala and mushroom. The service was very good, a bit too attentive to my liking because I preferred to be left on my own when doing steamboat. The waitress did a sauce for me, scooped soup for me to drink and even went to chase for our food orders.

 we ordered pork balls, fish meat, beef, chicken, mushrooms, veggies.
Their starters by the counter was very good!! Helped to curb my hunger pangs before the soup starts boiling. The only thing which they didnt' have was instant noodles....aiyah that is such an important thing for steamboats nowadays!!!

 my sis came over to have a cuppa coffee with us...

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